Dennis Rodman Gets Giant Face Tattoo Of His Girlfriend On His Cheek

Dennis Rodman has had a tattoo of his girlfriend's face on his cheek.
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Dennis Rodman has had a tattoo of his girlfriend’s face done on his cheek.

The former Chicago Bulls star, 62, gained fame for his exceptional rebounding skills and became known for his controversial behaviour on and off the court, as well as his unique and flamboyant style.

Despite his antics, Rodman has left a lasting impact on the sport and remains a polarising figure in basketball history.

Now, the former NBA bad boy has once again managed to shock people with his latest act of self-expression.

Watch as Dennis Rodman discusses his relationship with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un in the video below…

On Thursday, Rodman unveiled a tattoo of his girlfriend’s face on his own face, further cementing his place as one of the most eccentric figures in sports.

The sportsman, whose colourful antics have made headlines throughout his career (including breaking his p**is on three separate occasions), enlisted the services of tattoo artist Van Johnson from the reality series Black Ink Crew Chicago to etch the permanent tribute to his beloved.

Johnson proudly shared a video on Instagram showcasing the black and grey portrait while humorously commenting on the experience.

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He wrote: “So I ain’t do too much today, cooled out at my townhome tattooed a living legend’s face of his woman on his face, that’s about it…. What y’all do?”

In the video clip, Rodman proudly displays the artwork on his right cheek.

According to Rodman’s girlfriend, Yella Yella, the decision to get a face tattoo featuring her portrait was entirely his own and not her idea at all.

Speaking to TMZ, Yella Yella revealed that she initially thought Rodman was ‘crazy’ when he first mentioned getting the tattoo, and she even advised him against it.


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Rodman, on the other hand, expressed his unwavering commitment to the idea once it came to mind, stating: “This is my last dance with a woman.”

He further praised his girlfriend, describing her as ‘incredibly lovely’, and expressed gratitude for her unconditional love, which was the driving force behind his decision to get the tattoo as a tribute to her.

However, not everyone is impressed.

Fans have flooded the comments section, with some suggesting that Johnson should have dissuaded Rodman from getting the tattoo, while others are simply deeming it as ‘awful’.

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One commenter predicted that a cover-up tattoo would likely be necessary, cautioning against permanently inking someone’s name or picture onto one’s body.

Johnson acknowledged that the tattoo was quite ‘random’, but praised Rodman for enduring the process like a champ, noting his previous piercings in his nostrils, labret, earlobes, and n**ples.

For those sceptical about the authenticity of the tattoo, Johnson confirmed that it was indeed real and took a little over an hour to complete.

This recent tribute follows Rodman’s response to critics who lambasted him for wearing a skirt to a Pride event in Houston the previous month.


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Known for his rule-breaking style and his support for the LGBTQ+ community, Rodman sported a tiny green plaid skirt and a shirt featuring a rainbow-coloured graphic print of his own face.

Despite facing a barrage of abuse afterwards, Rodman stood up against the backlash, urging people to do their research on him and sharing various pictures of his unconventional fashion choices over the years.

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