Disneyland Remove ‘Sexist’ Jessica Rabbit From ‘Roger Rabbit’ Ride

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Jessica Rabbit has reportedly been removed from the Roger Rabbit ride at Disneyland due to her ‘sexist’ characterisation.

According to Disneyland News Today, the character has been taken from the attraction and been replaced with barrels while it undergoes refurbishments.

Originally, Rabbit was shown tied up in the trunk of a car towards the beginning.

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The theme park’s move has been praised by visitors online.

One person said: “Disney is finally making moves to remove sexist imagery from its parks.

“Jessica Rabbit is no longer shown tied up in the back of a car – on a kids’ ride.”

According to Orange County Register, Walt Disney Imagineering wants to make a ‘more relevant’ Jessica Rabbit that’s in keeping with today’s society.

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Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit has reportedly been removed from a Disneyland ride. Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Another added: “Switch things up, mix them around, take out characters or add some. It doesn’t really matter to me, kinda fun for me to notice when something is different or I see new things have come in.”

However, some people have slammed the decision and argued you ‘can’t rewrite history’.

One Twitter user commented: “Nay, that’s her character. You can’t rewrite history. Make new empowered characters if you want certain role model types. But let the icons of the past stand. I didn’t see her as problematic to start with.”

“The scene has been okay for all these years and now all of a sudden it’s a problem? Umm, okay I guess?” a second tweeted.

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