People Vow To Never Buy Disposable Vapes After Seeing How They’re Made

People are vowing to never buy disposable vapes after seeing how they're made.
Credit: Alamy & Ryan Horace via YouTube

People are vowing to never buy disposable vapes after seeing how they’re made.

There’s a video going around that has stirred up quite a fuss among a bunch of people.

It’s about how disposable vape pens are made, and surprisingly, it’s not the usual controversies about vaping that have folks riled up this time.

The NHS still recommends e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking, but there’s an ongoing debate about whether they’re harmful or not.

Plus, there’s a big worry about young kids getting into vaping, leading some countries to ban these devices or put restrictions on their advertising and sales.

But in this video, it’s not the health concerns or environmental impact that have people vowing never to use disposable vapes again.

Learn why UK councils are calling for disposable vapes to be banned in the video below…

The clip takes us through the whole process of making these vape pens.

From computer-aided designs for the labels and packaging to the wiring and electrical testing, it’s all shown in detail.

Then, a production line kicks in, assembling the vapes and slapping on the mouthpieces.

Now, here’s where the uproar starts.

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The person who adds the mouthpieces to the vapes isn’t wearing gloves. And for some folks, that’s a dealbreaker.

One person in the comments section of the video says: “You’re telling me they touch the tips of the vape without any gloves?

“Ew! Imagine all that grease from their hands getting on the vapes. No thanks, I’m not buying those.”

And while they might not have the most polished way of putting it, their point is clear.

Disposable vapes being made.
People are vowing to never buy disposable vapes after seeing how they’re made. Credit: Ryan Horace via YouTube

Another commenter is absolutely grossed out and says: “That doesn’t look appetising at all.

“They attach the mouthpieces with their bare hands. Eww! That was my last purchase, for sure.”

Some people also criticise the amount of plastic used in making these vapes, calling them a wasteful product.

And, as ever, there’s always that one person who thinks going back to tobacco is the solution.

Which, by the way, probably isn’t the best idea.

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Anyway, it’s understandable that people are concerned about hygiene when it comes to things they put in their mouths.

So, the lack of gloves might have just ruined disposable vapes for many.

Let’s face it, vaping has its pros and cons, and the debate isn’t going away anytime soon.

But if you’re thinking about giving it a go or sticking with it, maybe take a moment to check if the manufacturer is keeping things clean and tidy on the production line.

Whether you’re pro-vaping or anti-vaping, it’s essential to be informed and make choices that suit your health and lifestyle best.

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