Divorce Lawyer Shares Five Jobs Where Your Partner’s More Likely To Cheat

Kate Simonds, a divorce lawyer, has shared five jobs that make someone more likely to cheat.
Credit: @simondslawgroup/Instagram

A divorce lawyer has gone viral after exposing the top five jobs that make a partner more likely to cheat.

Being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal.

But one group of people who experience cheating first-hand more than any other has to be divorce lawyers.

And now Kate Simonds of the Simonds Law Group has shared her wisdom in a shocking Instagram reel…

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One viewer comments: “What do all five have in common? Frequent nights away from home.”

Another adds: “Was married for 13 years, we had two children, cheated on me, and he is now cheating on the new one! Once a cheater, always a cheater! Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you. Prepare yourself and always be ready!”

A third pens: “Character, not career. Look at the person’s character.”

“Basically men that spend most of their life at work,” another Instagrammer points out.

Kate Simonds
Divorce lawyer Kate Simonds has revealed the top five professions where people are more likely to cheat. Credit: @simondslawgroup/Instagram

So, what are the big five that you need to look out for in prospective partners? Let’s take a look:

5. Aviation

Simonds shares: “Number five, is pilots and flight attendants.”

It appears that this lifestyle of lots of travel can be rather lonely – which could lead pilots or flight attendants to seek comfort in a new city, with a new person…

“Being a flight attendant is freaking lonely,” one flight attendant admits in a TikTok. “You’re spending every night alone. It’s just super, super lonely.”

4. Military

“Number four, men in the military,” Simonds emphatically states.

And it seems this has a basis in fact, too. A 2017 study found that almost 23% of military men cheated during a year-long deployment.


3. Nightlife and hospitality

Simonds goes on: “Number three, bartenders.”

We can see how this makes sense. Bars tend to be full of younger people, dressed up to the nines. Add plenty of alcohol into the mix and you may have a recipe for disaster.

2. Police officers

“Number two, police officers,” Simonds continues.

One dismayed viewer comments: “Not me dating a man who just got out of the army and is bartending while applying to be a police officer.”

1. Firefighters

Simonds concludes her shocking video: “And number one, firefighters, for sure.”

One person pens: “My dad was a firefighter, can confirm, did cheat.”

Another commenter jokes: “As a firefighter, I have to disagree… my wife and girlfriend do as well!”


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However, Simonds does close out her explosive video by encouraging viewers to take her advice with a pinch of salt.

“Don’t take this as legal advice but if your husband does one of those five occupations, they’re our frequent fliers,” she finishes.

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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