Dog Owners Warned To Look Out For Symptoms Of Deadly Disease As Cases Rise

Vets have issued warnings to dog owners over rising cases of Alabama rot, including the symptoms they need to look out for.
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Vets are warning dog owners of the deadly symptoms they should be on the lookout for as cases of a worrying disease rise…

Any dog owner will tell you that they become much more than just a pet.

Our canine pals are basically members of the family!

Which is why the thought of them getting ill scares us so much.

And now, as cases of a deadly disease begin to rise, vets have offered their expert warnings about the symptoms dog owners need to look out for…

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“This is terrible, hope my pooch doesn’t catch this!” one dog-lover comments.

Another adds: “I’ve seen this is on the rise again! Will definitely be going very carefully!

Josh Walker, an internal medicine specialist at Linnaeus-owned Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, in Winchester, spoke out to the Basingstoke Gazette.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale
Vets are offering warnings about the symptoms of a deadly dog disease. Credit: Alamy

He says: “Unfortunately, we have had a busy winter period so far, with eight cases confirmed for November and three in December.

“These numbers should be considered a minimum, though, as we have further results pending.

“Recent locations for deaths are diverse and include Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Cornwall, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

“I would stress that this disease is still very rare in the UK and we’re advising dog owners to remain calm while also being extra vigilant.

“The key advice is for them to seek immediate advice from their local vet if their dog develops unexplained skin lesions as the disease develops extremely rapidly.

“Treatment largely revolves around the management of sudden onset kidney failure and, sadly, with our limited understanding of the disease, it is only successful in around 10 per cent of cases. That’s why prompt action and diagnosis is so important.”

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Walker adds to the BBC: “We know the disease is associated with increasing rainfall and increasing temperatures in the autumn.

“It might be that the very wet, slightly warmer November has led to a surge in cases – it’s important for everyone to be aware of the signs.”

He adds: “It’s important for everyone to be aware of the signs. If you do see an unexplained lesion, particularly if your dog is unwell, go to your local vets.

“Research is ongoing and we hope a cause will be forthcoming.”

The BBC also advises dog owners to look out for: “Changes in appetite – reduced appetite, drinking more, vomiting and lethargy [as they] are signs of acute kidney injury.”

The disease in question is Alabama rot, also known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy/ CRGV.

As per the PDSA: “It is an extremely rare, but potentially deadly disease that affects dogs. It causes damage to the blood vessels in the skin, leading to skin sores. In severe cases it can affect vessels in the kidneys which can lead to kidney failure.”

Stay safe out there!

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