Experts Explain Whether You Should Leave Heating On All Day Or Only Switch On When You Need It

Experts have weighed in on whether leaving your heating on all day can actually save you money.
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Experts have revealed whether it’s better to leave your heating on all day, or only switch it on when you need it…

As temperatures stay low but prices of energy stay high, people are wondering how to make the most of their heating, without breaking the bank.

Many of us have been left questioning whether you should leave your heating on all day, or only switch it on when you actually need it.

But now, an expert has revealed the truth about the most efficient way to heat your home…

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Andy Kerr, founder of boiler company BOXT, has offered his views on the contentious topic to the Mirror.

He explained that the claims that leaving your heating on low all day can save you money on your energy bills is, sadly, a ‘myth’.

He explains: “By only using your boiler when you want warm water or heating, you minimise the energy your boiler uses in the long term. Burning fuel at a constant rate will not only result in the continual use of energy but also energy loss.

“An estimated 70% of the heat in your home will be lost through gaps around doors, your roof, and your floors. Those who leave their boiler on all the time are more likely to experience significant energy loss, and increased energy bills as a result.“

Heat meter.
Many people question whether it’s better to leave the heating on all day. Credit: Alamy

Energy Saving Trust adds: “Heating controls help you keep your home comfortably warm, without over-heating and wasting energy. By installing and using your heating controls effectively, you could save money on your heating bills and lower your carbon emissions.”

However, Heat Geek offers a more nuanced answer to the question, explaining: “If you are in your property from 8 at night, in bed by 10, and out of the house by 7 am, five days a week, as well as being busy out of the house on weekends, then clearly heating your house throughout the day would be very wasteful.

“However, if your property is used more often, perhaps you are retired, then you could be experiencing higher levels of comfort throughout the day.”

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If you’re feeling confused, don’t worry – so are we.

But our old friend Martin Lewis has also offered his more balanced advice on how to save the most money on your heating bills.

On Money Saving Expert, he writes: “Perhaps the best advice is to try an experiment. Try a few days or a week with your heating on a constant low setting and then try only having the heating come on as and when you need it over the same time period and compare the energy use. Take meter readings at the start and end of each period and compare.”

Ultimately, it depends on what kind of home you live in and whether your property is well-insulated.

You should switch devices off at the wall when they’re not in use, and consider other electric heating appliances, which can be more economical at warming you up!

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