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Expert Issues Warning Over ‘Snus’ As It Becomes More Popular Than Vaping

Experts have issued a warning over 'snus' as it becomes a more popular alternative to vaping.
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Experts have issued a warning over ‘snus’ as it becomes a more popular alternative to vaping.

As we enter the new year, some of us may have put giving up vaping on our list of resolutions.

If you are giving up the habit, you will undoubtedly be looking at alternatives to make quitting that little bit easier – with ‘snus’ being a popular choice.

However, if you are considering it, an expert has issued a serious warning about it.

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Snus – pronounced snoose – is a moist powder tobacco pouch, originating from Sweden that you place under your top lip either loosely or in portioned sachets, which resemble small tea bags.

Snus was introduced as a way to preserve Sweden’s tobacco, as well as something that has helped lower smoking rates, according to WebMD.

The health organisation states that more than half of Swedish snus users are ex-smokers.

Snus is seen as the popular alternative to vaping. Credit: @NevilleDiem/X

Despite it being illegal in all European countries – apart from Sweden (as per Tobacco Tactics) – it is extremely popular among young people in the UK.

And since it includes nicotine, it can be addictive.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, however, Libby Clarke, a Managing Consultant of Toxicology, argues: “Nicotine from oral products is absorbed more slowly compared with inhaled products like cigarettes or vapes, therefore the addictive potential is thought to be lower.”

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At the moment, there isn’t a lot of data on how safe snus is.

But while it may seem like a less harmful alternative to smoking and vaping, there are still health risks linked to it – with one expert taking to TikTok to explain them.

The London Dentist reveals that snus can cause lesions on the gums – also known as ulcers, as also reported by the National Institutes of Health.

He also states that the pouches can cause gum disease, gum recession and gum inflammation.

Gum recession is a form of gum disease where the gum tissue pulls away from your teeth and exposes the roots underneath. This then makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities and they can become more sensitive, as explained by Cleveland Clinic.

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Unfortunately, gum recession can’t be reversed, but treatment is available to stop the condition from getting worse.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, pharmacist Ian Budd explains that the current information available regarding snus doesn’t paint the product in a ‘positive light’.

He shares: “As snus contains nicotine, it is seen as an addictive substance, as it’s the nicotine in tobacco products that causes addiction in the first place.

“Some studies have shown that there may be a link to higher rates of pancreatic cancer, heart failure, and diabetes, although research is still ongoing.”

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