Food Bloggers Are Trying To Cancel The Word ‘Curry’

Food bloggers are trying to cancel the word 'curry'. 
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Food bloggers are trying to cancel the word ‘curry’. 

They believe the term should no longer be used due to its links to British colonialism.

It all started when food blogger Chaheti Bansal called upon her followers to stop using the ‘umbrella term’.

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The 27-year-old said: “There’s a saying that the food in India changes every 100km and yet we’re still using this umbrella term popularised by white people who couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual names of our dishes.”

She continued by explaining that there are tons of different words to describe a dish that includes meats or vegetables, or rice and sauce, but people just categorise them altogether.

Nisha Vedi Pawar, who is also a food blogger, then pitched in and claimed that she’s had similar experiences.

She said people always ask her whether her curries are spicy, as they presume the dishes are all very similar.

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Food bloggers want the word ‘curry’ to be cancelled. Credit: Pexel

However, she doesn’t believe the word ‘curry’ should be cancelled.

As it’s become a part of the cultural norm, Pawar believes people should simply put more effort into finding out the dishes technical names.

Chef Sanjyot Singh Keer, who was a producer on MasterChef India, has also said Indian cuisine needs to be taken more seriously and is ‘much more than just curry’.

He told the Independent: “Our food cannot be summed up with that word and our cuisine is an amalgamation of so many different cultures prevalent in India.”

He added: “Indian food is much more than a spiced gravy liquid dish which is referred to as curry.”

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