People Speechless After Discovering Receipt Showing How Much Food Prices Have Changed Since 2008

People have been left speechless after discovering a receipt that shows how much food prices have changed since 2008.
Credit: Urmumsmorefun/Reddit & Alamy

People have been left shocked after a receipt from 2008 has surfaced, revealing how much food prices have changed. 

As we all know, everything seems to be getting more expensive, while our wages seem to stay the same.

Many of us have been impacted by the cost of living crisis and are checking our bank balance after every purchase.

Some of us will remember when items were much cheaper and it’ll hit home even more thanks to a receipt going viral online.

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In a photo uploaded to Reddit, a man shared a pic of a well-preserved receipt – which he found in his grandmother’s car.

“Receipt deals I found in my nan’s car from 2008. Oh how prices have changed,” he captioned the post.

But it is not the crispiness of the paper that has caught the attention of those online.

For starters, people have noticed the promotions on the receipt – which is a rarity these days as they are usually found online.

The first of the colour promotions is for a hairdressing salon, which was promoting six free add-on foils with any cut or colour for customers.

McDonald's burger meal.
People can’t believe how little things used to cost back in 2008. Credit: Alamy

Next up was an offer for Pizza Hut, with a deal that guaranteed three large pizzas for just AUD 15.95 [$10.71] if you picked up in-store.

A butcher was offering a kilogram of sausages for free if a customer spent AUD 30 [$20] or more – which sounds like a steal in today’s circumstances.

McDonald’s voucher can also be seen on the receipt, which is perhaps the most shocking of them all.

With the offer in 2008, customers could grab two Big Macs for a mere AUD 5 [$3.36] – with just a single Big Mac costing AUD 7.75 [$5.21] in the current day.

Elsewhere on the receipt, you can see a half-price meal offer at a local hotel – which would likely cost a fortune today.

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Many people on Reddit have taken to the comments section of the post, reacting to how cheap things were.

“Oh I miss docket deals! I forgot they even existed. Now I feel so old and sad,” one person comments.

Someone else remarks: “I bet those two Big Macs for $5 would have actually filled you up back then too.”

While a third says: “Take me the f*** back.”

Another person writes: “The spend $30 get a f***ing KILOGRAM OF SAUSAGES… That is legitimately like two weeks of protein sorted for our two-person household…”

“You can barely get one pizza for $16 and one Big Mac sure ain’t $5,” says a fifth person.

While a sixth pens: “I don’t think you can get one pizza for under $15.95 at the Hut any more, f***ing hell.”

Receipt from 2008.
The food receipt from 2008 has left people gobsmacked. Credit:Urmumsmorefun/Reddit

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