Domino’s Delivery Driver Leaves People Speechless After Sharing How Much Tips She Makes On Shift

A Domino’s worker has left people speechless after sharing how much she can make in tips on a shift.
Credit: @iammilenadiaz/TikTok

A Domino’s worker has left people speechless after sharing how much she can make in tips on a shift.

Tipping culture is a big factor in how employers earn their income in the US.

While it’s not mandatory for a customer to tip – it is expected from them, reports Travel Insider.

Apparently, it should be about 15 to 20 per cent of the total cost.

However, there is no fixed rate a customer should pay.

Watch this woman eat a whopping 24-inch pizza all by herself in the clip below…

Milena Diaz, a delivery driver for the pizza company Domino’s, shared a TikTok video where she goes through each order on her shift to see how much they paid and whether or not they left a tip.

On average, Domino’s delivery drivers are paid around $17 per hour, with tips topping up their salaries, reports

Starting her shift just after five o clock in the evening, Diaz shared that she earnt $8.59 from a tip on her first order – emphatically adding that she is ‘starting off strong’.

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Diaz then got $10 from her second order but didn’t receive anything from her third order.

Although, she resiliently says to her viewers ‘onto the next’, while sporting a smile.

She continued to receive a mixture of small tips on some orders – but also had her fair share of no tips.

Throughout the video, the Domino’s worker remains optimistic.

Milena Diaz
The Domino’s worker has left people speechless after sharing how much she can make in tips on a shift.Credit: @iammilenadiaz/TikTok

The TikToker didn’t receive anything from her eighth and final delivery but did share how much she made by the time she clocked off.

“OK, so I just clocked out and it is 9:07 and I made $49 from cash tips and I made $38 in credit card tips.

“So a grand total of $87.

“Not bad, I worked four hours so like, roughly $21 an hour.

“We’ll take it, easy money y’all.”

@iammilenadiaz lil half shift ain’t too shabby 🤣 #work #dominospizza #dominos #money #tips ♬ original sound – iammilenadiaz

People are taking to the comments to react to how much Diaz made.

One person writes: “It’s crazy to me that people don’t tip.”

Someone else admits: “I always tip at least $20. If I couldn’t do that job I’m tipping GOOD! I be tipping everyone.”

A third shares: “One time a Domino’s driver very sincerely thanked me for my tip and it was just 20%.

“Seeing that people DON’T TIP now I understand!”

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Another person praises Diaz, adding: “I love your attitude. ESPECIALLY on the no-tip orders. Positive vibes will bring you more!”

While a fifth says: “I’m so shocked people don’t tip on delivery. I couldn’t ever face my delivery person if I didn’t tip.”

Diaz is not the only Domino’s worker to speak about tipping culture.

Another employee has also taken to TikTok to share how much she makes on a night shift.

But she left people speechless where over the course of her 11 deliveries, she made $13 in cash and $42.29 on card – which surprisingly averages out at just over $5.03 per household.

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