Delivery Driver Divides Opinion After Eating Customer’s Food Who Didn’t Tip

Credit: @sidehustleaddict/TikTok

A delivery driver has left the internet divided after eating a non-tipping customer’s food.

The debate on tipping rages on online, with strong proponents on either side.

But now, one DoorDash driver has taken matters into his own hands and his controversial actions have split the internet’s opinions…

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Some people strongly believe in offering some extra compensation to their service workers.

But others believe their employers should cover their wages and are reluctant to part with their cash on tips.

But whichever side of the debate you’re on, most people can agree on one thing… if you order some food online, you don’t expect your delivery driver to eat it!

Shockingly, that was the fate of one DoorDash customer’s meal.

A driver, who goes by the name @sidehustleaddict on TikTok, shared his revenge for a non-tipping customer and the comment section is split on his divisive action.

The DoorDash driver ate the customer’s food once he found out they weren’t tipping. Credit: @sidehustleaddict/TikTok

The guy shared a video from his car whilst on a DoorDash shift, revealing the order his customer had put through on the app.

When he noticed they hadn’t included a tip, he then showed his TikToker viewers exactly how he planned to get even…

He said: “Oh s***, look what we got today, fam, haha. A DoorDash non-tipper again.

“Oh man, yesterday DoorDash was doing a reminder for DoorDash non-tippers to tip or else you’re gonna wait like three hours for your Taco Bell, at least.”

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“But apparently, these DoorDash non-tippers didn’t understand – let’s see what he’s got in the bag,” he added, rummaging through the order of food.

The driver pulled out a hash brown, steak breakfast chalupa and sachet of apple salsa.

Then he revealed his dastardly plan, saying: “You know, I be telling these DoorDash non-tippers, right, no tip, I eat!”

He then took a big bite of chalupa!

The video has since gained a mixed response online, with some saying the stunt was in rather bad taste.

@sidehustleaddict DoorDash Tip Reminder #doordash #ubereats #grubhub #dash #dasher #burrito #tips ♬ original sound – Side Hustle Addict

One viewer comments: “Happy I go and get my own food, can’t be giving free money to people just driving.”

Another agrees, writing: “Hope you get fired bro – I don’t know why you’d flex not doing your job.”

However, some others are on the TikToker’s side, with one laughing: “Non-tippers never learn.”

Another agrees: “Holy mole guacamole, I like your videos brother.”

Nonetheless, it seems as though the TikToker is continuing on his mission.

Since the video went viral, he’s been at it again – this time drinking a non-tipper’s boba tea!

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