Woman Loses Her Job Over Her Reaction To Not Receiving A Tip On A $735 Takeout Order

An Outback employee loses her job over her reaction to not receiving a tip on a $735 takeover order.
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A woman reportedly lost her job over her reaction to not receiving a tip on a $735 takeover order.

Tipping culture is a big part of how employers earn their income in the US.

While it’s not mandatory to tip, it is expected from customers, reports Travel Insider.

The tip should be about 15 to 20 per cent of the total cost – but there is no fixed rate a customer is meant to pay.

Find out more about the waitress who was fired below…

Tamlynn Yoder previously worked at Outback Steakhouse in Florida – where she had been a takeout employee for 10 years.

She tells WPBF 25 News that she took an order for the Christ Fellowship church which made an order of 75 items totalling $735.

This consisted of 25 steaks, 25 potatoes, and 25 chickens to be exact.

When the group arrived, the order took over an hour to pack up but Yoder helped them load up their cars.

However, the Outback employee was upset to realise that the group did not leave a tip.

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This hurt Yoder even more considering that she was a member of the church.

The shocked Outback employee ended up taking to social media to express her frustration.

However, the post apparently caught the attention of a Facebook friend in the church and let the restaurant know.

This led to her getting some unexpected news the next day at work.

“I was told that I was being fired and that they refunded the full $735,” she claims to WPBF.

Woman fired over a Facebook post
Tamlynn Yoder was sacked from her job at an Outback restaurant after she complained on Facebook about not receiving a tip. Credit: WPBF 25 News via YouTube

Outback claims that she ‘violated their social media policy’ which led to her sacking.

News of Yoder’s firing made its way around the town – with the church even hearing about it and attempting to rectify their actions.

They shared on their Facebook page: “We are sorry to hear about this situation and our leaders have been notified about it.

“We value our local business partners and those who work in their establishments – many of whom are members of our church – and it is customary for us to leave a generous tip whenever we pick up a takeout order.”

The church compensated Yoder and provided her with a list of takeout restaurants in the area which are hiring.

The reaction to this story has been mixed, with some saying that she was out of order for complaining.

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One person pens: “Tipping is not guaranteed… she should know that with all those years of experience.”

“Tipping on a takeout order is beyond insane,” adds someone else.

Someone else comments: “Sorry I’m not tipping on carry out. Never have never will.”

However, some have been more sympathetic towards Yoder.

One person writes: “Everyone saying ‘I don’t tip on take out’ I don’t either, but $700 worth of food AND she helped load it in the car? I would have tipped.”

Another user comments: “I’d definitely tip on a takeout order that big. I don’t always tip getting takeout but I do at my favourite places that I frequent bc I just love them.”

While a third says: “I’d tip on a $735 order that someone helped me load into my car. I wouldn’t tip on a $50 order that was one bag.”

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