Expert Shares Three Things Women Don’t Want To Open As Gifts On Christmas Day

A gift-giving expert has shared the three things that women do not want to open on Christmas Day.
Credit: @leahsgiftguide/TikTok & Alamy

A gift-giving expert has shared the three things that women do not want to open on Christmas Day.

I’m sure everyone loves opening presents on Christmas Day, but most will agree that buying gifts for someone else can be a stressful time.

While your loved one may give you a list – which is always a good help – the thought of going out during the busiest period of the year can cause unnecessary stress.

What can be even worse, however, is getting someone a present that they don’t like. But don’t fear – a gift-giving expert has now shared the three things you should not get women.

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Leah, a gifting expert known as The Gift Girl on TikTok, has pointed out that there are certain things you should avoid getting women – unless she specifically asks for them.

First up on her list is household cleaning supplies as it ‘definitely sends the wrong message’.

“If it can be perceived as a chore, this definitely sends the wrong message. Gifts are supposed to be happy,” she explains.

Next up, she says weight loss supplements – such as scales – are an absolute no-go, especially if she has never mentioned anything about looking to lose weight.

“This could be taken as downright offensive. And I know what you’re thinking. Who does this? According to the comments in my other videos, way more than you think,” Leah adds.

Leah The Gift Girl
A gift expert has taken to TikTok to share the three things you shouldn’t buy for women for Christmas. Credit: @leahsgiftguide/TikTok

Similarly, her final bit of advice is to avoid gifting the lady in your life any kind of anti-ageing skincare.

The influencer continues: “Don’t get me wrong, I love a good skincare regimen, and I think there’s a place for that, but anti-ageing specifically sends the wrong message.”

Leah did say, however, that these items are OK if that is what they have asked for.

“All of these items could definitely be considered a great gift if they are asked for, or if you know them well enough to know that they would actually like these items,” she says.

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People have taken to the comments to react to Leah’s advice.

One person says: “As a skincare girlie – please don’t gift them some random stuff. Better buy a product, they already like, because skincare is super individual!!”

“As a mom-of-four that stuff gets expensive I would love to get a lot of cleaning products,” shares someone else.

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A third agrees, penning: “Do not agree on cleaning items. Money is tight for everyone, a huge box/bottle of laundry soap, dish soap, etc can be welcome. Better than junk.”

Another says: “Yikes. I thought you were going to say kitchen appliances and things like nice vacuums. But these were a whole other level.”

A fifth recalls: “My in-laws gave me a scale when I was six weeks postpartum with my first baby. Downright offensive is accurate.”

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