Wife Convicted Of Killing Husband After Parrot Repeats Victim’s Chilling ‘Last Words’

Parrot Witness Case: A woman was convicted of killing her husband after their pet parrot apparently repeated the victim's 'last words'.
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A woman was convicted of killing her husband after their pet parrot apparently repeated the victim’s ‘last words’.

Martin Duram was found dead in his Michigan home having been shot five times.

His wife, Glenna, was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head but recovered from her injuries.

A concerned neighbour alerted the authorities after not seeing either of them for a couple of days.

Martin and Glenna were married for 11 years and were in regular contact with their neighbours.

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After a couple of days, their neighbour went into their house to find both of them motionless on the floor, which is when she called the police.

However, when the emergency services arrived, they realised Glenna was still breathing.

Sergeant Gary Wilson told the court that when he went to check her pulse, her eyes opened and her body jerked.

She apparently asked: “What are you doing?”

Glenna has now been found guilty of murdering her husband.

Incredibly, a key piece of evidence in solving the case apparently came from the couple’s pet parrot.

The bird, an African Grey called Bud, was rehomed by the victim’s ex-wife Christina Keller after the murder.

She noticed that the bird would repeatedly say ‘Shut up’, ‘Get your a** over here’, and ‘Don’t shoot’.

Keller was so suspicious of what the parrot was saying that she recorded it.

Glenna Duram
Glenna Duram was found guilty of murdering her husband after their pet parrot repeated the victim’s ‘last words’. Credit: Michigan Department of Corrections

Speaking on As It Happens, Keller explained: “I think it’s a piece of the puzzle. I think it’s possible last words.

“I truly believe, with all my heart, most of that [what the parrot says] comes from that night.”

She added: “It terrified me. I hear screaming, yelling and fear.”

While the parrot and the recordings were not used in court, it was reportedly considered as there was ‘some evidence to support’ Keller’s theory.

Martin’s ex-wife also said: “I looked through the police report. About four neighbours said, ‘You need to talk to that bird’.

“I know it sounds ridiculous, but that’s how intelligent Bud is and how much people believed that he witnessed this.”

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The Detroit News detailed the couple’s difficult home life, with the pair reportedly being in financial turmoil brought on by Glenna’s gambling problems.

It was also revealed that she kept her growing debts hidden from her husband.

Investigators found the murder weapon under a sofa.

Prosecutors added that her single gunshot wound was the result of a failed suicide attempt.

According to The Cinemaholic, Glenna is currently serving a life sentence in Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Pittsfield Charter Township, Michigan.

She did request a retrial in 2019, but this was rejected by the Supreme Court.

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