Guy Makes Homemade Strongbow Fountain For His Garden

Strongbow Fountain

A guy has created a homemade Strongbow fountain for his garden, just in time for summer.

Simon Eastwood, 32, said he made a small fountain to start, mimicking one he had seen that had been made with a tin bucket and a Fosters can.

Since then, he has continued to experiment with different resources, techniques, and materials and now he has customers lining up to buy them!

Watch the full video below to see the fountain in action… 

Opening up about his side hustle, he said: “I’ve just received beer bottles of someone to make them one with their own bottles too.

“People from Africa have messaged me.”

His little business has become so successful that he now sells them the same day they’re made through his Facebook page.

He said: “I make one, put it on Facebook, and it’s gone within the same day.”

Featured Image Credit: ARK Media

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Written by Editorial