Doctor Issues Warning Against Peeing In Shower

Peeing in the shower is pretty common, but one doctor has urged people to stop doing it.
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Peeing in the shower is pretty common, but one doctor has urged people to stop doing it.

Whether it’s the desire to save water or purely laziness, numerous individuals see the shower as the perfect opportunity for quick urination.

While it may seem harmless, there are several reasons why you should consider refraining from this habit.

And now doctors are warning that it can actually have negative effects on your health.

Find out more about peeing in the shower in the video below…

According to Dr Jennifer Hanes, a urologist, consistently urinating in the shower can create an association in your brain between the sound of running water and the need to urinate.

This can lead to your bladder becoming conditioned to respond to the sound of water, causing it to trigger the urge to urinate whenever you hear running water in other situations, such as washing your hands or doing the dishes.

Dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, a pelvic floor therapist, also emphasises the potential consequences of this habit.

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She explains that if you urinate in the shower or sit on the toilet to urinate while the shower is running, you are creating a connection between the sound of running water and the need to urinate.

This association, combined with any existing or future pelvic floor dysfunction, can potentially lead to urinary leakage when you hear running water outside of the shower.

This is especially relevant for individuals assigned female at birth, as their anatomy is not designed for urinating while standing, and their pelvic floor may not relax properly, resulting in incomplete bladder emptying.

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To counteract these potential issues, Dr Jeffrey-Thomas advises peeing before turning on the shower or water.

If the urge arises while showering, she suggests ignoring it and waiting until you are out of the shower to use the toilet.

While these warnings from medical professionals are intended to promote better urinary health, many people remain steadfast in their defence of the habit.

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Some argue that they are trying to save water or question the impact of urinating in other situations without running water.

Others share personal anecdotes about their own experiences, such as feeling the urge to urinate whenever they come into contact with water due to childhood experiences.

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Ultimately, everyone has their own perspective on the matter.

However, it is important to be aware of the potential health implications associated with urinating in the shower.

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