Heinz Has Made A Sauce Combining Ketchup And Mayonnaise

Heinz has unveiled a brand new sauce to its already wide collection. Mayochup or as Heinz would like us to call it ‘Saucy Sauce’ is a combination of Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Mayonnaise, making it a perfect choice for those indecisive few. 

After a successful launch in the US last year, Heinz has announced that they will be bringing Mayochup to British stores.

Due to trademark laws, it’s been understood that Heinz has had to change the name in the UK as a company in Europe already owns the title of Saucy Sauce.

Of course, fans have had their say on the surprising announcement.

One Twitter user asked: “I’ve no idea why they’ve called it ‘Saucy Sauce’. For those old enough to remember, mixing Ketchup and Mayo is called A ‘Marie Rose’.”

Heinz was quick to respond with an explanation: “Saucy Sauce is saucier than all the other sauces! It is the official marriage of the flavours of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise and Heinz Tomato Ketchup.”

Credit: Heinz

Saucy Sauce will contain 1.5g of salt and 12g of sugar per 100g, all this adding up to a total of 432 calories.

Due to the popularity of Mayochup, Heinz was quick to release in the US a combination of mayonnaise and mustard named ‘Mayomust’ and ‘Mayocue’, a mixture of mayo and barbecue sauce.

Hopefully, this means that it won’t be long until these new condiments will be landing on British shores too.

Saucy Sauce will be available in Tesco from 23 August in a 400ml bottle for the reasonable price of £2.69, so make sure to grab yours fast before its swept off the shelves!

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