Hooters Waitresses Blast ‘Sexy’ Uniform Rule

Hooters' waitresses are blasting the food chain's 'sexy' uniform rule on TikTok.
Credit: @kenzjee/TikTok

Hooters’ waitresses are blasting the food chain’s ‘sexy’ uniform rule on TikTok.

One of the servers, who goes by the username @kenzjee, shared a clip in which she revealed that staff members are required to buy a specific brand of tights which apparently cost $8.49.

She said: “People always ask me about our tights machine and I have to buy tights today so I’ll just make a video about it.”

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Hooters waitresses
Hooters’ waitresses are blasting the food chain’s ‘sexy’ uniform rule on TikTok. Credit: @kenzjee/TikTok

In the post, the TikToker shows herself walking over to a vending machine and then selecting her size and skin tone colour.

The waitress explained that Hooters doesn’t provide its employees with tights as they’re classed as ‘undergarments’. So they ‘sell them through a third-party company’.

On the positive side, she added that the item can be tax-deductible, as it’s work-related.

The video has now accumulated over 4.7million likes and many people have blasted Hooters for making its waitresses cough up for the tights themselves.

“If they don’t supply my uniform why am I working there is my question,” one said.

Another added: “These tights are a scam. They tear so easily. I had to buy a new pair every few weeks.”

A third joined in, saying: “They should be provided for free.”

“If it’s part of your uniform shouldn’t they be free?” a fourth questioned.

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However, others defended Hooters and argued that many companies make their employees pay for the uniform.

Siding with the chain, one said: “I have to pay $25 a month on my uniforms and pay full price for a coat for my uniform.”

“Buying your own uniforms is a common thing for most jobs,” another pointed out.

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