Hooters Petition Launched To Stop Plans Of Opening ‘Degrading’ Site In UK

A Hooters petition has been launched to stop plans of a second site opening up in the UK. 
Credit: @hooters/TikTok

A Hooters petition has been launched to stop plans of a second site opening up in the UK, around the Liverpool city centre. 

The appeal has reportedly been launched by Labour councillor Maria Toolan, who believes that the fast-food chain ‘demeans and degrades women’ with its revealing uniform.

The petition’s bio reads: “Hooters is an archaic and chauvinistic brand and this type of venue is no longer reflective of today’s society.

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The Hooters petition states that the fast-food chain is ‘degrading’ to women and shouldn’t open up in the UK. Credit: @hooters/TikTok
“Hooters employs women to promote its business activities in an exploitative manner, it demeans and degrades women and undermines female equality.

“We believe it will attract interest from a narrow unwanted demographic and will cause increased anti-social behaviour.

“We have the support of our Mayor, Police Commissioner, MPs and local residents and we hope we can rely on yours.

“Please show your solidarity by signing our petition.”

Recently, Hooters also made headlines when people pointed out that the chain ‘never hires plus-sized waitresses‘.

Protesting this, a woman named Chyna Turner, from Mississippi, took to Instagram and shared a snap of herself and fellow plus-size friends wearing the uniform.

She captioned the post: “Big Dolls Halloween 2020 #packagedeal.”

Chatting to the New York Post about her statement, she explained that the restaurant ‘discriminates against bigger women’ and she was determined to prove women can still be ‘sexy and confident’ without being a small size.

She told the publication: “Hooters typically discriminates against bigger women, but I figured showing up and showing out in the Hooters uniform would help spread the message that you don’t have to be a size 2 to do you in a sexy and confident way.”

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