Brutal Horror Movie With 92% On Rotten Tomatoes Dubbed ‘Scariest Film You’ll See’

Credit: 20th Century Studios

A new horror movie with a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes has been dubbed the ‘scariest film you’ll see’.

Barbarian stars Bill Skarsgård (IT), Georgina Campbell (Black Mirror), and Justin Long (Tusk).

A woman (Campbell) arrives at her Airbnb to find it has been double booked – and a mysterious man (Skarsgård) is already staying there.

Against her better judgement, she agrees to stay the night – but soon realises she’s made a huge mistake.

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The ‘brutal’ movie was released in September 2022 and quickly became a critical and commercial success, earning $45.4 million on a budget of $4.5 million.

It was highly praised by critics, with Syfy calling it the ‘scariest film you’ll see’.

Fans of the film have also applauded it on social media.

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One person wrote: “The movie Barbarian is so mf scary.”

Someone else added: “This movie was freaking top-notch, man. I’m a horror nut, and it had me on the edge of my seat. 

“I literally screamed twice.”

A third person commented: “This was very unexpected and we loved it! 

“If you’re looking for the standard jump scare storyline with throwaway characters this movie isn’t for you.

“Definitely the best horror movie this year with a unique twist on storytelling. 

“Tension-filled great characters with twists and turns you don’t see coming.”

“Barbarian is one SCARY MOVIE,” raved a fourth.

Barbarian, a 2022 horror movie with a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, has been dubbed as the ‘scariest film you’ll see’. Credit: 20th Century Studios

Another viewer commented: “Amazing movie! An actual good and creative horror movie that doesn’t just use jumpscares every 5 seconds. A MUST WATCH.”

Others advised people to watch Barbarian with as little knowledge of the plot as possible and also praised the film for its surprising twist.

The movie’s trailer has also been praised for enticing viewers without giving anything away.

One person wrote: “After seeing this movie twice and revisiting the trailer, it’s clear how effective it is at giving nothing away.

“It cleverly pulls bits and pieces from the storyline and puts them together in a way that makes you think you’re getting one thing – but you end up with something completely different.

“And that’s how a trailer should be done.”

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Another said: “The movie is really nicely executed, and definitely gets props for a creative story. 

“I truly didn’t expect it to go where it was going and probably never would have.”

 A third added: “Finally a movie trailer where I have absolutely zero idea what’s going on and is still intense and quite honestly, HYPE.”

Barbarian is now streaming on Disney+ (UK) and HBO Max (US).

It is also available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime Video.

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