James Corden Has Been Nominated For A Golden Globe & The Internet Is Outraged

James Corden has received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in The Prom, and the internet is not happy about it. 

The Late Late Show host’s portrayal of Barry Glickman, a gay actor, has been dubbed ‘borderline offensive’ by viewers and critics alike. However, he’s now in the running to win Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical at the 2021 ceremony.

Credit: Netflix

The musical’s other stars, including Meryl Streep, Andrew Rannells, Ariana DeBose and Jo Ellen Pellman, have been snubbed from a nomination, although they’ve been praised for their portrayals.

Credit: Netflix

Since the Golden Globe nominations have been confirmed, people have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at Corden’s nomination.

One user wrote: “James Corden getting nominated for playing a gay man very badly in The Prom giving hope to all the smug under-achievers out there.”

Another pitched in: “So James Corden has just been nominated for a Golden Globe for his highly offensive portrayal of a gay man in The Prom. Is that a joke?”

Meanwhile, a third raged: “James Corden!? Are you f**king serious? Arguably the most offensive performance of a gay man since Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno. What’s worse is unlike Cohen, Corden’s performance isn’t just played for laughs.”

Credit: Netflix

Previously, Corden has felt the need to defend his role in the film. He said: “[As an actor] you spend quite a long time, just personally, feeling like you might be able to have a bit more to give.

“Like you might be able to have a bit more depth and you want someone like Ryan [Murphy] to come along and drop a script in your lap like this.

“And then you go, ‘Oh God, what if I am not able to do these things?’. Ryan, I will be indebted to forever for his guidance, the way that he led me through it. The way he led me through it as a director, the way he led me through it as a friend, the way he led me through it as a gay man. And I’ll treasure those days.”

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