Airbnb Guest Leaves ‘Upper Decker’ In Bathroom After Host Charges Him $5 For Toilet Roll

People have been left horrified after an Airbnb guest left an 'upper decker' in the bathroom because hosts were charging $5 per toilet roll.
Credit: @notmisterbeast/TikTok

People have been divided after a disgruntled Airbnb guest left an ‘upper decker’ in the bathroom in response to his host charging him $5 per toilet roll.

There’s no denying that Airbnb has absolutely revolutionised travel – but there’s a downside to this type of host-led travel experience.

And now one Airbnb customer has learned this to his detriment.

After discovering his hosts were taking liberties with their pricing structure, one man decided to opt for a dirty protest.

Now people on the internet are offering their opinions…

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This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered some Airbnb drama.

Recently, after a guest refused to pay, the host threatened him with a picture taken from the property’s doorbell camera – which shows him with a woman who is not his wife.

But now, another tale of discord between a host and a guest in an Airbnb has gone viral.

A TikToker, known as Not Mr Beast, shared a hugely controversial video with his followers and it’s generating a lot of debate in the comments section.

Not Mr Beast
The TikToker left an ‘upper decker’ in his Airbnb host’s toilet. Credit: @notmisterbeast/TikTok

One writes: “Sad thing is, it’s some low-paid cleaning lady that’s gonna deal with that – not the owner.”

“Did you get fined or something?” another queries.

A third suggests: “Leave a review mentioning they charge for toilet paper so future guests are aware ’cause that’s crazy!”

“Homie I believed you when you said you did it, I didn’t need to see the video,” a fourth adds.

The TikToker explains: “I went to stay at this Airbnb, and they charged for toilet paper. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.

“So I just did what anyone else would do, and I left an upper decker and I taught him a lesson.”

Not Mr Beast
The TikToker was outraged the Airbnb host was charging guests to use the toilet roll. Credit: @notmisterbeast/TikTok

The video has led some to discover they’ve never heard of this unusual technique.

One writes: “I was today years old when I learned what an upper decker was.”

“Went 22 years not knowing what an upper decker was… nice,” adds another.

A third person pens: “I think I’m going to go home and try an upper decker, never tried before. I’m curious!”

Many people were already cognisant of the bizarre trend, with one commenting: “Haven’t seen an upper decker since 2021, this is gold.”

So, what exactly is an upper decker?

Not Mr Beast
The TikToker’s revenge on the Airbnb host has left people speechless. Credit: @notmisterbeast/TikTok

According to Dude Wipes, an upper decker is a ‘slang term for pooping straight into the toilet tank rather than the toilet bowl’.

The disgusting splash-and-dash, also known as a ‘Top Shelf Number Two’, results in a stinky bathroom that only gets worse the longer it takes to notice.

“Leave and don’t let anybody see you. Just bail as quickly as possible,” one entry on Urban Dictionary reads.

Explaining the peculiar prank, Dude Wipes says: “There are plenty of ways to ruin someone’s day, but nothing rivals the savagery of taking an upper decker.

“For the uninitiated, an upper decker means taking a dump in the tank of a toilet. This prank has been known to shock innocent victims and cause seriously crappy plumbing issues.

“You’d normally expect clean water when you flush. But taking an upper decker taints the toilet water. As a result, you end up flushing with wastewater.

“After the deed is done, the next person to flush is greeted by a flood of poopy water, creating a mess and horrific stench.”

Grim stuff.

Not Mr Beast
An upper decker is a ‘slang term for pooping straight into the toilet tank rather than the toilet bowl’. Credit: @notmisterbeast/TikTok

But one commenter has a different idea for a dirty protest.

They suggest: “I would have just not wiped and sat all over the couch and bedding and anything fabric or wiped it all over things around the house so they’ll learn to just give toilet paper.”

Another self-proclaimed ‘upper decker pro’ is more sceptical.

They write: “I believe he just put chocolate milk or something. Doesn’t tend to look like this unless you’re runny or mix it up.”

Another questions the efficacy of the prank, asking: “So instead of paying like $30 for some toilet paper you’re gonna pay a huge cleaning/repair fee?”

However, someone else replies: “It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message.”

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