Singer James Morrison’s Partner, 45, Found Dead At Their Home

Gill Catchpole Dead: James Morrison's partner has tragically died aged 45 years old.
Credit: Alamy & Facebook

Gill Catchpole, the partner of singer James Morrison, has been found dead at her home aged 45.

Catchpole met Morrison when she became a lodger in his mum’s house, before Morrison rose to fame.

The pair fell in love, with Morrison reportedly using his musical talents to woo her.

Catchpole and Morrison share two children, Elsie, 15, and five-year-old Ada.

But today it has been confirmed that Catchpole has been found dead in the pairs’ Gloucestershire home.

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Morrison is a hugely successful singer-songwriter, having won the Brit Award for Best British Male in 2007.

He’s best known for the huge hits ‘You Give Me Something’ and ‘Broken Strings’.

In 2021, Morrison spoke out about the pair’s love story with Yahoo News.

The ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ singer said: “When she moved in, I started singing all the songs off [Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the Key of Life’] album to her.

“I was playing all of that stuff on the acoustic guitar. So it reminds me of when I met her and me just serenading the corridor hoping she’d pop out.”

James Morrison and Gill Catchpole.
James Morrison’s partner, Gill Catchpole, has been found dead at their home. Credit: Facebook

He continued: “I’m not very romantic. I’m not like: ‘I love romance!’ But I do find certain things romantic and the fact that we met each other the way we did. It’s like a little fairy tale or something!”

Morrison added that they had ‘a connection straight away’ but that he waited ‘two years to find out if what I thought I felt was real’.

“She was with her boyfriend, so I was getting to know her. And I didn’t want to tell her that I fell in love with her the first moment I set eyes on her because I didn’t know, I’d never fell in love before. So I didn’t really know if it was that,” he explained.

Morrison also revealed to The Sun in 2019 that his album ‘You’re Stronger Than You Know’ was inspired by Gill after their daughter Ada was born 13 weeks prematurely.

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He recalled: “That is probably the lowest I’ve ever been.

“That’s why now, looking back, I called the album You’re Stronger Than You Know, as Gill was amazing.”

He went on: “The album title is for Gill as she’s been through so much as a woman and a mum knowing we could lose the baby at any point.

“But it’s brought us closer.

“I feel I can do anything after going through that. That’s what inspired this album and why now is the right time to make music again.”

A source tells The Sun: “Gill was found dead on Friday at the family’s home in Whitminster.

“James is devastated and is being supported by his family.

“He is holding it together for their girls but has asked for the family to be left alone to grieve in private.”

A family friend has confirmed there are no suspicious circumstances at present.

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