Jenna Ortega Was Only 19 When She Filmed Intimate Scene With 37-Year-Old Actor

Jenna Ortega filmed X love scene with a 37-year-old Kid Cudi when she was just 19.
Credit: Alamy & A24

Jenna Ortega was only 19 years old when she filmed a raunchy scene with a 37-year-old actor.

Ortega’s intimate scenes have been making headlines this week.

Her racy scene in Miller’s Girl with Martin Freeman was the first to dominate the news.

But now, a different role of Ortega’s has resurfaced – and it’s brought to light another rather problematic age gap love scene…

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The reason everyone has been so up-in-arms about Ortega’s Miller’s Girl love scene is the age gap between the two actors.

Ortega, 21, plays the 18-year-old Cairo Sweet opposite her married English professor Jonathan Miller, played by the 52-year-old Freeman.

The official IMDb synopsis reads: “A creative writing assignment yields complex results between a teacher and his talented student.”

So it’s not exactly surprising that an intimate scene between the two leads has been branded problematic by the viewing public.

Miller's Girl
The intimate scene between Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in Miller’s Girl has left some viewers feeling uncomfortable. Credit: Lionsgate

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Jenny Ortega, how dare you act in such a scene. That’s it, You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded until the next season of Netflix Wednesday Series,” one viewer complains.

Miller’s Girl spoiler. This scene is f***ing crazy,” another adds.

“I feel very weird while watching this or is it just me?? Sorry but not sorry bruh!” a third agrees.

However, it’s now been brought to light that this isn’t the first time Ortega has been a part of a disturbing age-gap love scene.

In fact, in a prior role, she acted in an intimate scene with a 37-year-old actor aged just 19!

Jenna Ortega in X.
Jenna Ortega plays the shy Lorraine in X, who becomes intrigued about the making of a saucy film. Credit: A24

The scene in question is from the 2022 horror film X, under the guidance of intimacy coordinator Tandi Wright.

“In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them in the act, the cast find themselves fighting for their lives,” the movie’s IMDb synopsis reads.

Jenna took on the role of Lorraine, the shy and repressed girlfriend of the adult movie’s cameraman.

Lorraine eventually becomes intrigued about the making of the saucy film and decides she wants to take part.

The director agrees, and Lorraine films a scene alongside Jackson, played by the rapper Kid Cudi, who was 37 at the time of filming.

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This meant there was a 19-year age gap between the actors.

Ortega called X’s intimacy coordinator Tandi Wright ‘the sweetest, kindest intimacy coordinator in the world’, per Indie Wire.

She also drew attention to the unplanned nature of the scene.

“That wasn’t a conscious decision. The scene actually wasn’t initially in the script,” Ortega explains.

“When I signed on, that wasn’t a part [of the film]. It was something that came later on… [It was] flipping the stereotype over and just taking somebody who you wouldn’t really see in that position suddenly in that position. I think it adds to the spontaneity of the decision and also just the spontaneity of the film.”

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