Jenna Ortega Leaves Viewers Disturbed After Watching Her Racy Scene With Martin Freeman

A Jenna Ortega and Martine Freeman love scene in Miller's Girl has left the internet shocked.
Credit: Lionsgate

Jenna Ortega has left viewers grossed out after they’ve watched a saucy scene with her and Martin Freeman. 

Ortega is no stranger to making the headlines – whether she’s addressing those Johnny Depp rumours, or dressing up as Pete Davidson’s girlfriend, people are always fascinated to see what the Wednesday star is up to next.

But her most recent controversy might just be her most headline-grabbing yet.

Ortega has recently filmed a rather raunchy scene with actor Freeman, and it’s left the internet feeling disturbed…

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Ortega and Freeman both star in the comedy-thriller film Miller’s Girl.

The official IMDb synopsis reads: “A creative writing assignment yields complex results between a teacher and his talented student.”

So as you may expect, the movie contains some rather uncomfortable love scenes.

The film has already generated some online controversy, with Katie Walsh writing for the Los Angeles Times: “The movie strikes that wild, so-bad-it’s-entertaining chord vigorously. I can’t recommend Miller’s Girl but I also can’t recommend it enough.”

But Anhar Karim, for Forbes, takes a more measured approach, writing: “Plenty of reviews have noted how this story feels like a throwback to movies of decades ago where a teacher would fall for a student. But [writer and director Jade Halley] Bartlett was well aware of how she was using this trope when writing this story, and also of what new ideas she was bringing to it.”

Ortega, 21, plays the 18-year-old Cairo Sweet opposite her married English professor Jonathan Miller, played by the 52-year-old Freeman.

And one scene, in particular, has left the internet feeling creeped out…

Miller's Girl
Social media users expressed their discomfort at the racy scene between Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in Miller’s Girl. Credit: Lionsgate

“Bro I did not need to see Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman getting it on on,” one user writes.

Miller’s Girl spoiler. This scene is f***ing crazy,” another adds.

“I feel very weird while watching this or is it just me?? Sorry but not sorry bruh!” a third agrees.

Others have taken a more angry approach to the divisive scene.

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Jenny Ortega, how dare you act in such a scene. That’s it, You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded until the next season of Netflix Wednesday Series,” one annoyed viewer complains.

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However, others still believe the complaints are a whole lot of fuss over nothing.

One laughs: “An erotic thriller starring Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega lol, like what were people expecting.”

“People know she’s 21 and she’s an actress right, she’s not Wednesday,” another points out.

While a third confirms: “Pretty sure the age difference is crucial to the storyline.”

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