Conspiracy Theorists Believe John Cena’s Oscars Skit Was Part Of Sinister Hollywood ‘Ritual’

John Cena's viral Oscars skit is being called a 'sinister ritual' by conspiracy theorists.
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People on the internet have a conspiracy theory about the real reason behind John Cena’s memorable skit at the Oscars this week…

Cena’s striking look while presenting the Oscar for Best Costume Design quickly went viral.

The moment was a nod to when a real streaker stormed the Oscars way back during the 1974 ceremony.

But now, conspiracy theorists have posited that the moment was actually a part of a ‘sinister ritual’.

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The viral John Cena moment reportedly took a lot of planning.

Walt Disney executive Rob Mills tells Variety: “There was a lot of reticence of not just a fine from the FCC, but potential complaints.”

Mills adds: “I’m going to educate you a little here. A bulge cannot be showing, and you can’t show crack. It was also, ‘What happens if he drops that card?’

“So, we made sure that, for all intents and purposes, he looked like a Ken doll up front.”

Modesty garment brand Covvier’s co-founder Lucy Shapiro told CBS MoneyWatch that Cena was wearing a garment similar to those that her company makes and are designed for contact s** scenes.

“I’ve been examining it, and it appears to be sideless underwear stuck on with tape to adhere the fabric to his skin,” she said. “I’m guessing it’s a spandex garment with a moulded soft cup to make sure you don’t see too much.”

John Cena at the Oscars.
Conspiracy theorists claim John Cena’s Oscars skit was part of sinister Hollywood ‘ritual.’ Credit: Alamy

However, viewers had a rather unexpected response to the comedy skit.

In fact, some conspiracy theorists have posited that the skit was actually a ‘sinister ritual’.

“John Cena going through an intense Illuminati humiliation ritual right now at the Oscars,” someone claims.

“This is next-level stuff they have put Cena through lately… Was the fame and fortune worth it John?”

One person insists the skit was ‘100% a humiliation ritual. There’s no other explanation for it’.

“It’s not funny to normal people. It’s not entertaining. It’s not purposeful,” another remarks.

While someone else agrees, claiming: “John Cena going through an intense Illuminati humiliation ritual right now at the Oscars.”

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A different X (formerly known as Twitter) user insists: “You cannot deny this anymore. This is a Hollywood humilation ritual. They got John Cena to do this at the Oscars! If you don’t believe this is not a real thing. You are definitely clueless.”

But one Redditor remains sceptical about this idea.

They write: “From what I gather there is the idea that Cena doing the best naked joke at the Oscars was part of the concept of paying your dues in Hollywood. Paying your dues is the idea that besides simple competence you need to also show deference to your elders and highest on the ladder through supplication or humiliation.

“I’m unsure if this is really that humiliating for Cena due to the fact even likely off his full wrestling diet, exercise, and hormone regime he is still super jacked, the modesty patch is maybe a bit skimpier than wrestling trunks, and the oversized envelope is to imply he’s got a big d*** that they needed to ensure extra parchment to prevent from going out live.

“Plus he has been in a number of farcical comedies where jokes such as this would be the norm and seems to be the sorta dude to take a joke on the chin and move on.”

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