Heartbroken Mother Issues Urgent Warning After 16-Year-Old Son Dies ‘Cooling Off’ With His Friends

A heartbroken mum has issued an urgent warning after her 16-year-old son died 'cooling off' with friends.
Credit: JustGiving & New Park School

A heartbroken mother has issued an urgent warning after her 16-year-old son died ‘cooling off’ with friends.

When summertime comes around each year, many people – particularly teenagers – like to get outdoors and partake in a number of different activities.

Whether it’s attending music festivals, camping, climbing or swimming in open water – there are dangers associated with each activity.

And one grieving mother has urged youngsters to think twice before making any impulsive decisions.

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Vicky Waugh, who tragically lost her teenage son in a drowning accident last summer, is urging people to avoid swimming in open water.

Kalen Waugh, a 16-year-old who had recently completed his GCSE exams, lost his life while swimming in Salford Quays in Greater Manchester, UK, during warm weather.

She took to Facebook last week to issue a heartfelt warning about the dangers of ‘cooling off’ in open water.

She shared an article highlighting the risks associated with swimming in the quays and pleaded with others not to engage in such activities, especially Kalen’s friends who live nearby.

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She wrote: “I seriously beg you all. Please don’t do it.

“Find other ways to chill in the sun, especially all Kalen’s mates, with most of you living near to there [Salford Quays].”

Her post was accompanied by six broken heart emojis, expressing the profound pain she continues to feel.

Vicky also paid tribute to her beloved son in a separate post, expressing the unimaginable grief she experiences living without him.

She wrote (via MailOnline): “I spent your whole life worrying about who would be there for you, or who would look after you if something ever was to happen to me, Kalen Waugh.

“For me to be here in this s*** world living this s*** life without you.

Kalen Waugh
Kalen Waugh’s heartbroken mother has issued an urgent warning following her son’s death. Credit: JustGiving

“Never once in all them years of worry did I think it would be this way round.”

Kalen was described as a ‘cheeky chappy who certainly kept staff on their toes’ by the principal of New Park Academy, where he was a student.

Almut Bever-Warren, the principal, highlighted Kalen’s popularity among students and his plans for college placement in September.

She told The Mirror: “Kalen was a very popular student with us, he had a college placement for September, mum was very proud of him that he had sat his GCSEs, the first in the family.

“I had spoken to the parents of the Year 11 lads who Kalen had been with on Saturday night while we were waiting [at the scene] because I didn’t want them to hear it via social media.

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“You might be aware we are a special school, I didn’t call an assembly, I went class by class, I’ve been here for 17 years and I’ve never cried, but I cried whilst I told them what it was like waiting with mum for the body to be retrieved.

“I said to them I do not want to stand there again with one of your mums and the children were very respectful and accepted that.”

Recent cases, including the tragic deaths of two young individuals at Bournemouth beach, have shed light on the hazards associated with open water activities, emphasising the need for caution and awareness.

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