Madeleine McCann Police Find ‘Relevant Clue’ As Search Is Stopped

Madeleine McCann Update: The search for a dam has come to an end as a 'relevant clue' has reportedly been found.
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Madeleine McCann police have reportedly found a ‘relevant clue’ as the search has stopped. 

The three-year-old mysteriously disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in May 2007.

Her case has remained unsolved to this day and her family has vowed to keep searching until they find out what happened to her.

A search has recently been conducted and it’s now believed a ‘relevant clue’ related to McCann’s disappearance may have been discovered, as reported by Portuguese outlet Correio da Manha.

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A search of the Arade dam took place on May 23 – which is about 50km away from where the toddler went missing in Praia da Luz.

It went on for three days and involved divers investigating the dam while officers explored a woodland area that was located not too far from the water.

Metropolitan Police officers were also believed to be at the scene, in order to inform McCann’s parents, Kate and Gerry, of any developments.

Correio da Manha reports that the search – which was authorised by German authorities – was concluded due to adverse weather conditions.

It’s also been reported that several items including a bra strap, items of clothing and plastic items were removed from the site – although they may not be of relevance.

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Eight large, deep holes were dug in order to collect soil samples – which have since been sent for DNA and forensic testing in Germany.

A concentrated area of woodland of approximately 160ft square was flattened, with pathways cut by machinery.

A no-fly zone was also authorised over the area while the search was being carried out.

Officers were spotted digging the area for several hours this week, where huge piles of soil and broken rock have been left.

The search for Madeline McCann
Madeleine McCann police have stopped their search after it’s been reported a ‘relevant clue’ has been found. Credit: Alamy

However, McCann’s parents may have a long wait to hear the results of the search, as it could potentially take weeks to months for the analysis to be completed.

German police reportedly requested this search as the area was allegedly visited by the official suspect – Christian B – during her disappearance.

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He was made a formal suspect by prosecutors in 2022 as he reportedly lived nearby the Praia da Luz resort while the McCann family was on holiday.

However, Christian B has never been officially charged over Madeleine’s disappearance and has denied any involvement with her.

He is currently in prison in Germany for the r*** of a woman in Praia da Luz in 2005 and is also suspected of further r*** and child s**ual abuse in the area between 2000 and 2017.

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