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Kayla Jade Disowned By Family After They Found Her OFs Account

OFs star Kayla Jade says she was disowned by her family after they found her account.
Credit: @kaylajadeeast/TikTok

OFs star Kayla Jade says she was disowned by her family after they found her account. 

Jade, who has more than 320,000 TikTok followers, is one of the subscription-based platform’s biggest creators.

The Australian star first launched her account last year and although she decided not to ‘hide’ it from her family, she also didn’t ‘throw it in their face’.

To promote her content, Jade set up alternative social media accounts.

But as she grew in popularity, her family soon found out about her profile.

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Apparently, a ’45-year-old male’ relative paid to view her content and then sent screenshots from the account to her family.

Speaking in a TikTok clip, Jade says: “I didn’t bother hiding it, [I] wanted to be super successful.

“I didn’t hide it, but didn’t shove it in their face. As time went on I got bigger and bigger, and people started seeing my stuff.”

The content creator goes on to say that the only way she’d be found out is if ‘people were being nosy and looking for it’.

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She explains that the family member must have been ‘clicking buttons and following links’.

Jade says that her dad ended up speaking to her about it, as her mum and sister were ‘too scared’ to confront her.

Fortunately, her father was ‘grounded’ and ‘super supportive’ about it.

But later on, the screenshots were shared by the relative – exposing her to everyone.

Kayla Jade
OFs star Kayla Jade says she was disowned by her family after they found her account. Credit: @kaylajadeeast_/Instagram

“He didn’t need to be so aggressive, he could have just told them,” Jade says.

“I then got a message from another family member, completely disowning me.”

Jade says the family member removed her from social media platforms and ‘didn’t speak to me for a year’.

She adds: “I was hurt but glad to have that toxicity out of my life.”

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The OFs star says that while she ‘used to care’ what people thought about her career choice, she now doesn’t and ‘couldn’t be happier’.

However, this hasn’t stopped her from confronting the male relative who exposed her to everyone in her family.

@kayylajadee Part 1. How my family disowned me #storytime #dayinmylife ♬ original sound – Kayla Jade

Jade recalls: “I was fuming, it’s just so violating, I trusted him, thought we had a good relationship.

“I confronted him about it. He didn’t admit it, blamed it on other people, he couldn’t handle his actions.”

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