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Woman Warns Tourists About Strict Roman Dress Code After Making Big Mistake

A woman has warned tourists about a strict Roman dress code after making a big mistake.
Credit: @jetsetting_jacki/Instagram

A woman has warned tourists about a strict Roman dress code after making a big mistake.

The Italian city is home to some of the best tourist spots in the world.

Rome welcomes 5,821,362 sightseers a year (as of 2022) who visit landmarks such as the Colosseum, Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain.

Of course, whenever you visit somewhere new, you should be familiar with the rules for that place – such as appropriate dress wear.

However, one TikToker learnt this the tough way when visiting Rome.

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Jacki Hodge, from Australia, took to TikTok to share her experience when she visited the Italian capital.

She opens the video by warning anyone who is planning to wear ‘cute s***’ in Europe.

The background of the video is a picture of her in a white dress she wore when visiting the city and she adds that while the photos look ‘f***ing great’, her outfit restricted her access to some of the top sites in Rome.

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Hodge then proceeds to list everywhere she was denied entry, including the Pantheon and the Vatican as she was dressed ‘too s***ty’.

“You can’t have your shoulders out, you can’t have your boobs out, you definitely can’t have cut-outs and the dress is backless,” she explains.

“Some places have robes you can buy but at places like the Pantheon, they just said ‘No, get out’.”

The TikToker advises that it would be best to pack a jacket or scarf with you if you do visit these sites as you would be allowed to wear that over your outfit.

@jetsetting_jacki Hot tip: don’t dress like a hoe in Europe 😂 at least not in the daytime when you want to go to churches and monuments You also get funny looks sometimes in crop tops and short shorts etc. so just beware and dress appropriately #europesummer #traveltipsandhacks #europetravel #cheaptravel #solotravel ♬ original sound – Jetsetting Jacki

The post has been viewed 1.9 million times and many viewers have reacted to her experience.

“I would never have thought of this, thank you!” comments one user.

Another person pens: “Thanks for the tip. Going next month.”

Someone else says: “Absolutely right! One needs to follow the local rules and traditions… it’s that so simple. Thanks for the personal experience shared.”

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However, others are saying this is something that only happens in Rome due to its religious rules.

One person says: “Europe isn’t bothered about shortness. It’s because it’s religious buildings, etc.”

Someone else adds: “This isn’t a Europe thing… just Rome because it’s very catholic. For the rest of Europe that’ll only apply to churches and cathedrals.”

A third person shares: “Pretty common with a lot of religious buildings. We visited a Hindu temple in Fiji and people who weren’t covered needed to wear shawls.”

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