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Woman Furious As She’s Trapped In Supermarket By New Anti-Theft Shopping Trolley

A woman has been left furious as she was allegedly left trapped in a supermarket by a new anti-theft shopping trolley.
Credit: @jessicadorante2008/TikTok

A woman has been left furious as she was allegedly left trapped in a supermarket by a new anti-theft shopping trolley.

Shopping is usually a stressful experience no matter how you tackle it.

You can go during peak times and get everything you need but the store will likely be super busy.

Or you can go later on in the evening when there will be fewer customers – but it’ll be likely that the store will be low on stock.

One woman has taken to social media to discuss her recent shopping trip – which left her furious.

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Over on TikTok, Jessica Dorante shared her recent traumatic trip to the Australian supermarket Coles.

She headed to the tills as the ‘self-serve was packed’.

“I just finished paying for my groceries, and I went to push my trolley away,” she recalled. “And at the same time, I pushed my trolley away the alarms in the self-service area started buzzing.

“The lights are flashing, the gates are flashing red and they wouldn’t let anybody out.”

Dorante claims her trolley began to make a weird buzzing sound and the wheels locked up, meaning she couldn’t push it.

Jessica Dorante
Jessica Dorante was left furious after she was trapped in a supermarket due to her trolley. Credit: @jessicadorante2008/TikTok

Initially, Dorante thought that the wheel was just jammed so she kept trying to move it before the checkout assistant who served her said she had to wait.

“She said it was to prevent theft and I was like, ‘I just paid you’. She said because the self-service alarms are going off the trolleys are disabled,” she recalled.

Dorante was left stunned and was made to wait for another employee from the checkout area to come over.

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“So even though I wasn’t in the self-service checkout area, I was still affected by what was f***ing going on in there and I couldn’t leave Coles,” she claims.

She alleges that no gates were stopping her, just the trolley full of groceries she had already paid for.

Dorante went on to say that her particular Coles store has glass fencing all along the front gates that have to open to allow shoppers inside the store, as well as cameras overhead at the self-serve and throughout the aisles.

@jessicadorante2008 Coles new security measures are a bit much!! #coles #colesaustralia #storytime ♬ original sound – Jess_Az reports that the smart gate technology and the trolley locks have no interconnectivity and the lock was likely due to a malfunction.

“While most of our customers do the right thing, unfortunately, a small number don’t,” a Coles spokesman tells the outlet.

“Coles has a range of security measures in place to reduce theft from our stores including CCTV, electronic article surveillance (EAS), and in some stores new smart gate technology that automatically opens as customers make payment for their products.

“Additionally, trolley lock technology has been in place at a number of our stores in recent years and this technology uses sensors to prevent trolleys leaving the store if someone hasn’t first paid at a register.”

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