Woman Who Was Kicked Out Of Store Over Her Shorts Says She Was Bullied For Being ‘Too Hot’

A woman who was kicked out of a shop over her shorts has hit back at the critics, saying she's being bullied for being 'too hot'. 
Credit: @kerolaychavesreal/Instagram

A woman who was allegedly kicked out of a shop over her shorts being too short has hit back at the critics, saying she’s being bullied for being ‘too hot’. 

It’s generally accepted that when it comes to what other people wear, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself.

However, a lot of establishments have a certain set of rules when it comes to what is and what isn’t acceptable to wear.

And now one woman’s incredibly short shorts have been at the centre of an online debate.

She believes she was being bullied for being ‘too hot’, but other people on social media have a whole other theory on what went down…

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Kerolay Chaves, from Brazil, took to Instagram to complain about the censorship of her rather revealing outfit.

“I just got home from the supermarket and was harassed for wearing ‘too short clothes’,” she claimed on the social media platform, translated from Portuguese to English.

“Some people looked at me with prejudice, others cursed me and finally, I was expelled from the place.

“Do you believe? I think it’s absurd for us women to still be treated that way just because we dress the way we want. The truth is that we go through this because we are too hot.”

Chavez also shared a snap of the outfit which apparently caused all of the trouble – which included a pair of denim shorts that were cut more like underwear.

Kerolay Chaves
Kerolay Chaves claims she was kicked out of the store over her shorts. Credit: @kerolaychavesreal/Instagram

Unfortunately for Chaves, most people sided with the shop staff and also objected to her revealing outfit.

“No need to go to a supermarket dressed like that,” wrote one critic, adding. “You are embarrassing the decent people who are often there with children.”

Another joked: “I guess the same way a shirtless man would get kicked out of the spot happened to you.”

On top of this, some people were not convinced about her story.

One wrote: “Clearly it was for engagement and Instagram likes. She never went to the supermarket like this. Those who follow the stories know. I’m sorry, but this can’t help you.”

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A second added: “Stop using serious subjects for engagement fia. It’s not prejudice that you’re clueless.”

“She even had time to take a picture before being kicked out…” another pointed out.

While another detective commented: “There’s a piece of clothing inside the cart… I don’t think she entered the market like that… maybe she has covered the bottom part and took it just to take those pictures… I guess she didn’t get kicked out of anything…. even because it seems like there’s no one in the market.

“She probably chose an empty place, took the photos, posted them with this controversial phrase just to gain engagement.”

You can take a look at Chaves’s controversial short on her Instagram

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