Model With Huge Lips Shows Off What She Looked Like Before Transformation

Fetisch Barbie, a model with huge lips, has revealed what she looked like before her extreme transformation. 
Credit: @fetischbarbie/Instagram

A model with huge lips has revealed how she looked before her extreme transformation. 

Fetisch Barbie, from Austria, is a self-described ‘fetish icon’ who is on a journey to be her ‘best plastic self’.

She’s an OFs star with over 29,000 followers on Instagram, where fans are obsessed with her look.

If you read through her comments, you’d find compliments such as: “Pure perfection.”

Another reads: “You are a dream.”

While somebody else gushes: “Beautiful, wonderful goddess.”

Fetisch Barbie
The model is on a journey to be her ‘best plastic self’. Credit: @fetischebarbie/Instagram

In an interview with IGV, Fetisch Barbie opens up about her journey of self-expression and individuality.

The content creator’s fascination with enhanced beauty began at just 12 years old.

“I recall looking at enhanced women and thinking how beautiful they were,” the model says.

Iconic figures such as Lolo Ferrari, Amanda Lepore, and Mason Moore influenced Fetisch Barbie, however, she wants to stand out on her terms.

She explains: “I was never aiming to look like anyone else but me, just more plastic.”

Fetisch Barbie
Fetisch Barbie wants to be a ‘more plastic’ version of herself. Credit: @fetischebarbie/Instagram

Fetisch Barbie acknowledges that her looks and lifestyle have significantly impacted her relationships.

The model notes that while people are initially drawn to her plastic persona, her lifestyle often leads to frustration.

Fetisch Barbie tells IGV: “I think I used to draw in men and women that were more attracted to my plastic persona.

“But when they saw the real everyday life me – that has to go to bed early because of a photo shoot, that has to recover from surgery or that eats very healthy, some got frustrated.”

She adds: “My looks come from my lifestyle too, and I’m not compromising that for anyone.”

Fetisch Barbie
Fetisch Barbie says that some people find her lifestyle ‘difficult’. Credit: @fetischebarbie/Instagram

For those who are intrigued by Fetisch Barbie’s looks, she makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be fetishised.

She states: “I like people that have a fascination for it, but please don’t fetishise me. I’m a human being,” before joking: “Even though I look like a doll.”

Fortunately, the content creator finds herself surrounded by supportive friends and family.

For those who do have an issue with her look, Fetisch Barbie observes: “I’ve never met someone hating on me that didn’t hate themselves secretly.”

She adds: “I left all the bitter people in the past. My family is sometimes worried but they accept me for who I am.”

Fetisch Barbie
The model’s family are supportive of her extreme look. Credit: @fetischebarbie/Instagram

She is now focusing on maintaining her current look and has regular fillers and Botox.

She concludes: “I’m very happy right now.”

In a previous interview with Truly, the model said: “I wanna maybe go bigger with my lips. If I wanna go bigger, I’m gonna go bigger.”

Fetisch Barbie has also shared photos with IGV from before her extreme transformation – they show her at age 12, 17, and 18.

“Some are pre-goth times and some during and after,” she laughs.

Fetisch Barbie before.

Fetisch Barbie before.

Fetisch Barbie before.
This is what Fetisch Barbie looked like before her extreme transformation. Credit: Fetisch Barbie

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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