People Are Convinced Kevin Hart ‘Slips Up’ And Gets Caught Talking To Jay-Z ‘About The Illuminati’ On Chat Show

People are convinced that Kevin Hart 'slipped up' and got caught talking to Jay-Z 'about the Illuminati' on his chat show.
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People are convinced that Kevin Hart ‘slipped up’ and got caught talking to Jay-Z ‘about the Illuminati’ on his chat show.

The Illuminati is believed to be a secret society that influences power and political decisions in society.

Many celebrities such as BeyoncéKim KardashianMadonna and Rihanna are allegedly part of it.

Jay-Z is also another famous face who is supposedly associated with the secret organisation.

Now fans are convinced Kevin Hart is too after he talks about the society to the ‘Run This Town’ rapper.

Watch Kevin Hart ‘slip up’ while talking to Jay-Z below…

The ’99 Problems’ musician appeared on the comedian’s chatshow Hart to Heart when the conversation came up.

During the interview, Jay-Z speaks about his success and how he wants to share his experience with the next generation of superstars.

He explained to the host: “The reason we created Roc Nation was to be able to say OK this is all the information we gathered, ‘Here it is Rihanna, here it is Kanye‘, you know whomever.

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“Whomever right like and just like ‘Here, here’s the information, so if we um achieve those goals at 36 you do it at 26’.”

Hart then added his thoughts to what the ‘Empire State of Mind’ rapper was saying – which is where viewers are convinced the comedian ‘slips up’.

The Ride Along star says: “I call it the, I call it ‘the room with the door, with the door behind it’.

“You never get to that door. We always got through the first door and we were so excited about being in that room that we never looked at the next door, right?”

Jay-z and Kevin Hart
People are convinced that Kevin Hart ‘slipped up’ and got caught talking to Jay-Z ‘about the Illuminati’ on his chat show. Credit: Peacock

This is when viewers are convinced Jay-Z gives Hart a ‘death stare’, which forces the comedian to stop talking.

On social media, one person writes: “That death stare that Jay shot him at the end though.”

Another viewer comments: “Jay Z looking like say another word and we will both go missing tonight.”

A third adds: “This is scary, kinda glad I’m not rich and famous to witness this type of stuff.”

Someone else writes: “They won’t be lying when they say they’re not Illuminati cause one has to be affiliated by the bloodlines.

“They’re top puppers used to spread agenda.”

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However, not everyone is convinced by Jay-Z’s ‘stare’ or by the Illuminati.

“The Illuminati is as real as Santa Claus,” writes one user.

Someone explains: “This needs to stop. There’s no made-up society, cult, or fellowship that celebrities are scared to talk about.”

“You [all] read too much into it,” comments a third.

Another person adds: “Everything is the Illuminati or the devil. Nobody can just work hard and become successful without this nonsense.”

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