Adult Star Billie Beever Complains Men Don’t Want To Date Her

Adult star Billie Beever is complaining that men don't want to date her.
Credit: @billiebeever/Instagram

Adult star Billie Beever is complaining that men don’t want to date her. 

Beever, 29, is an Australian adult entertainer and OFs content creator.

She joined the industry at just 18 years old after quitting her job as a hairdresser.

The single mum has now accumulated a whopping 177,000 Instagram followers and more than 130,000 TikTok followers.

Beever is going viral on the latter after opening up about her love life – and how she struggles to find a man who will accept her career path.

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The single mum has taken to the platform and uploaded a lengthy rant about men rejecting her, although she’s often told she’s the ‘ideal woman’.

In the viral video, Beever fumes: “I just found out that apparently the reason why men can’t date me.

“You know, they say they’re my friends, they respect me, they care for me so much…. but they say, ‘I can’t be with you because of your history and your past’.”

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Scoffing at this, she continues: “We all have a past and we all have a history. The only difference is, I f***ing filmed mine! Mine’s on camera.

“Does that make me not dateable? Seriously, yes or no. I mean, I get it, but I don’t get it.”

Beever then says that men often want to have a s**ual relationship with her, but don’t want to pursue anything further.

Billie Beever
Adult star Billie Beever is complaining that men don’t want to date her. Credit: @billiebeever/Instagram

“If you want to use [my] past, and like, not be able to give me an opportunity or whatever… because [my videos] are accessible for you and your mates to see, then that’s a ‘you problem’, not a ‘me problem’,” she remarks.

Many of Beever’s followers have taken to the comments and have said people shouldn’t be judged on their pasts.


But seriously im going to start sharing my real life conversations with people i have cos this shit blows my mind

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One man responds: “We all have a past and your still wife material to me if I wasn’t already living with someone.”

In agreement, another adds: “The past should stay in the past, always look forward to your future together.”

“I’d totally date you,” a third fan gushes.

While somebody else writes: “These men have their own insecurities. These dudes don’t deserve your opportunity. Find a dude that respects you and can see more to you than your past.”

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However, others have taken to the comments and said that they couldn’t handle dating someone with this kind of history.

Bluntly, one person says: “Yeah, I’m out.”

A second viewer comments: “Depends. If the guy has a profession where morality is valued, yes. It’s a problem.”

“Ask yourself how you would handle it if a person you were interested in had a ‘past’. I’m sure the answer isn’t clear-cut,” a third viewer remarks.

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