Khloé Kardashian’s Ex Took Three Paternity Tests Over Concerns Her Brother Was Baby’s Real Father

Khloé Kardashian has revealed that Tristan Thompson took three paternity tests over concerns their son was actually Rob Kardashian's. 
Credit: SHE MD Podcast via YouTube & @khloekardashian/Instagram

Khloé Kardashian has revealed that Tristan Thompson took three paternity tests over concerns their son was actually Rob Kardashian’s. 

The Good American owner, 39, has a pretty complicated relationship when it comes to her ex – they had a whirlwind romance and there’s been cheating scandals.

Khloé and Tristan welcomed daughter True Thompson in 2018 but the huge occasion was overshadowed.

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Just before their daughter’s birth, videos of the NBA player appeared in TMZ and Daily Mail showing him with another woman.

A month later, People magazine reported a source saying: “Khloé seems happy. She loves being a mom. She’s focused on keeping her family together.

“She seems OK with Tristan – there’s no talk of a split.”

However, their babymoon bliss would be shortlived – in 2019, TMZ reported the pair had split over allegations Tristan had kissed Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner‘s best friend at the time.

After the news broke, the sportsman wrote in a now-deleted tweet (via Evening Standard): “FAKE NEWS.”

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.
Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have an on/off relationship. Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

Woods appeared on Red Table Talk addressing the alleged kiss, claiming: “But, on the way out [of Tristan’s house] he did kiss me. No passion, no nothing. On the way out he just kissed me. It was a kiss on the lips. No tongue kiss, no making out. Nothing. I don’t think he’s wrong either, because I allowed myself to be in this position.”

She continued: “I didn’t know how to feel. I was like, ‘That didn’t just happen’, because I was leaving already so I walked out immediately after. And I got in the car and was like, ‘No, that didn’t happen’, I [told him] I need to go. I was in shock.”

Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk.
Jordyn Woods would speak out about the alleged kiss between her and Tristan Thompson. Credit: Red Table Talk via Facebook

In 2020, Khloé and Tristan ended up spending the Covid lockdown together.

That summer, Tristan took to Instagram and celebrated Khloé’s birthday with a snap of him, The Kardashians star and their daughter.

“I’m wise enough now to know, you came into my life to show me just what it means to be an incredible person,” he penned.

“I appreciate how I am able to learn from and grow because of you. I thank God for the beautiful and loving woman you are to everyone, especially our daughter True. You deserve the world Koko!

“True and I love you mama. Happy Birthday @khloekardashian.”

Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian and True Thompson.
Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian would go Instagram official again. Credit: @realtristan13/Instagram

In the following year, the pair would go Instagram official once again.

Khloé wrote in a birthday post to Tristan: “The ones that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is designed to tear them apart and they come out even stronger than they were before.

“Thank you for showing me everything you said you would. For the father you are. For the best friend I have in you. I’m thankful that I can do absolutely nothing with you and it feels like everything. I hope you know today and every day how loved you are by me and so many.

“Happy birthday TT! Welcome to 30! I can’t wait for all of the memories. This is when life just starts getting good.”

But just months later, there would be further scandals…

Khloé Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian’s bliss would be short-lived. Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

A source told Daily Mail that Tristan went to a party and ‘took off into one of the party rooms where everyone goes to hook up’.

“He was with three women and another guy. One of the girls he was with is a regular partier – she [is] always out and about at parties,” they alleged.

A source of E! News would say Khloé had ‘lost all of her trust’ in Tristan and that ‘the relationship could not be repaired’.

By the end of 2021, a woman named Maralee Nichols came forward and said the NBA player was the father of her child – the baby was allegedly conceived while Khloé and Tristan were still together, per People.

Maralee Nichols
Maralee Nichols’ child with Tristan Thompson was allegedly conceived while he was with Khloé. Credit: @maraleenichols/Instagram

Shortly after, Tristan took to his Instagram stories and shared a heartfelt apology to Khloé that read: “Today, paternity test results reveal I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols. I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to amicably raising our son.

“I sincerely apologise for everyone I’ve hurt or disappointed throughout this ordeal both publicly and privately.

“Khloé, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I have caused you. You don’t deserve the way I have treated you over the years. My actions certainly have not lined up with the way I view you. I have the utmost respect and love for you. Regardless of what you may think. Again, I am so incredibly sorry.”

Khloé Kardashian
Tristan Thompson made a public apology to Khloé Kardashian after it was revealed he had fathered another woman’s child. Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

Despite this, months later it would be revealed Khloé and Tristan were welcoming a second child.

A rep told People: “We can confirm True will have a sibling who was conceived in November. Khloé is incredibly grateful to the extraordinary surrogate for such a beautiful blessing.

“We’d like to ask for kindness and privacy so that Khloé can focus on her family.”

In 2022, Khloé and Tristan welcomed their second child together via surrogate. It would later be revealed that his name is Tatum.

She would eventually admit that her connection with her son didn’t form as easily as it did with True.

Khloé Kardashian and Tatum Thompson.
Khloé Kardashian said it’s been ‘a different experience’ bonding with her son. Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

On The Kardashians, she told her mum, Kris Jenner: “Compare it to True and him, it’s a different experience.

“The connection… took days with True. With him, it’s taking months and we still don’t have a complete bond.”

During an appearance on the SHE MD podcast, Khloé shared (via Mirror): “I am obsessed with Tatum now, of course.”

But elsewhere in the interview, she also revealed that Tristan took three paternity tests.

Khloé and Rob Kardashian.
Khloé Kardashian said she finds it ‘freaking weird’ how much her son looks like her brother. Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

Khloé explained: “I made Tristan do three DNA tests for Tatum. He was so offended.”

The reality TV star said she had noticed that her son looks a lot like her brother Rob Kardashian and she found it ‘freaking weird’.

She continued: “My son looks just like my brother.

“Because he was an IVF baby or a surrogate baby, I was like, ‘Rob, have you ever donated s**** somewhere?'”

Khloé would then joke: “In this family, that would not surprise me, but that would be so disgusting.

“But I remember she [her doctor] was like, ‘You’ve already done a DNA test!’. I go, ‘I need to do another one, I need to figure it out’.”

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