Reason Why King Charles Wore One White Glove During Coronation Explained

The reason why King Charles only wore one white glove during the coronation has been explained. Find out what it is here...
Credit: BBC & @TheKingsHands/Twitter

The reason why King Charles wore only one white glove during the coronation has been explained.

Around 20 million people in the UK tuned in to watch the royal ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

King Charles, 74, was officially crowned King and was presented with numerous items of clothing throughout the coronation.

However, viewers were left baffled by one piece of his attire.

Watch King Charles and Queen Camilla greet onlookers during the coronation procession below…

During the ceremony, the King was given his crown as well as the coronation robe.

This consisted of a gold coat and a sword belt – with the Jewelled Sword of Offering also being presented during the coronation.

King Charles was also given a white glove to put on his right hand.

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This left viewers confused as they were unsure why His Majesty was only given one glove – with some taking to social media to joke about it.

“Does the single white glove mean Charles is also being crowned the King of Pop?” quips one person.

Someone else adds: “I can’t imagine how even more powerful King Charles is going to be now he has Thanos’ glove.”

Another person jokes: “The King gets what every new King needs – a new OVEN GLOVE!”

A fourth viewer pens: “Soooooo, please tell me why King Charles needs an oven glove? Doesn’t he have a personal chef?”

Someone else comments: “He gets one glove because Charles is the new King of Pop.”

Despite these suggestions, it turns out that this is actually just part of the royal tradition.

The white glove is known as the Coronation Gauntlet and is typically worn on the right hand by the monarch during the coronation as they hold the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross during their crowning.

King Charles Glove
Viewers were left confused as to why King Charles was wearing a glove on his right hand. Credit: BBC News

The Coronation Gauntlet that King Charles was wearing is significant as it is the same one his grandfather King George IV wore during his coronation in 1937, as per Royal Central.

The glove is made of white leather, while the wrist is lined with red satin and embroidered with gilt metal thread, wire and spangles – which form national emblems including the Tudor Rose, thistle, shamrock, oak leaves and acorns.

While the back of the hand has an embroidery and this represents a ducal red velvet coronet which is above the coat of arms of the family of the Dukes of Newcastle.

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A majority of the garments His Majesty chose to reuse during the ceremony were created for his grandfather – since he is not able to reuse items that Queen Elizabeth II used during her coronation in 1953 as they were made specifically for her.

The decision to reuse items from previous coronations was reportedly due to the monarchy becoming more eco-friendly.

However, King Charles did commission one new addition to the ceremony and this was the screen that will block him and Queen Camilla from the view of those watching during the anointing.

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