Royal Fans Defend King Charles After Furious ‘Tantrum’ Caught On Camera

Fans of King Charles III have come to his defence after a video recently surfaced of him getting frustrated with a leaky pen. 
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Royal fans have rushed to the defence of King Charles III after a video of him having a ‘tantrum’ went viral.

His Majesty was visiting Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland when he noticed he had written the ’12th September’ instead of the ’13th September’, and then the pen started leaking ink.

Out of frustration, he said: “Oh, God, I hate. Can’t bear this bloody thing. Every stinking time.”

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Many people were quick to criticise the new monarch as the video went viral. But fans of the new king were quick to jump to his defence.

Former BBC newsreader Simon McCoy said: “The man has just lost his mother. He is under the sort of pressure few of us will ever experience. Cut him some slack. #TheKing.”

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“His mum died literally five days ago and he’s having to go here there and everywhere signing things, cut the man some slack,” another user expressed on social media. 

A third person said: “Shame on you! King Charles III just lost his beloved mother and has been travelling and going through countless duties to take over the reign and THIS is what you choose to post. What is wrong with you? The family is deep in grief.”

Someone else commented: “Give the man a break!!”

Another said: “I hope people don’t forget his mum died days ago. The most extreme pressure imaginable.”

However, some people mocked King Charles III, with one person commenting: “I manage to use an inadequate pen quite frequently without throwing a little tantrum that requires several of my little employees to manage.

“True colours showing again,” another replied. 

At the age of 73, he has officially become the oldest royal to take up the throne.

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Since Queen Elizabeth died on September 8, he has embarked on a country-wide tour which has seen him visit ceremonies in Edinburgh and Belfast.

King Charles is to visit Cardiff on September 16, before Her Majesty’s funeral on Monday, September 19.

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