TikToker Explains Why Women Living Alone Shouldn’t Turn Lights On Immediately After Coming Home

A TikToker has explained why women living alone shouldn't turn the lights on immediately after coming home.
Credit: @heyitsmaryalice/TikTok

A TikToker has explained why women living alone shouldn’t turn the lights on immediately after coming home.

When arriving home in the dark, the first thing most people do is switch the lights on.

However, one person is going viral for their reasons as to why women shouldn’t turn their lights on as soon as they walk through the door.

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TikTok influencer Mary Alice has shared from her own experiences that it is actually beneficial for you to keep your lights off.

In a post, which has been viewed 26.7 million times, she explains: “When you go home at night, don’t turn your lights on immediately when you get inside your apartment, especially if people can see the windows of your apartment from the street.

“Because if someone’s following you home, they’re gonna know what apartment you live in.”

Alice then speaks about a frightening experience she went through when a stranger approached her at her front door.

“I’d never seen him before… and he just gave me bad vibes,” she continues.

“He tries to make conversation with me about my headlight because it’s out and I’m just like ‘Yeah, yeah, I’ll get round to it…'”

Mary Alice
The TikToker has explained why women living alone shouldn’t turn the lights on immediately after coming home. Credit: @heyitsmaryalice/TikTok

She adds that she kept her light off and checked her Ring doorbell – which is when she saw the stranger standing outside of her apartment.

Alice continues: “He’s standing in the street which is very close to my apartment building staring at [the] building. And he did not leave for like five minutes.

“I mean like halfway through he left the empty spot and hid behind a car, but he waited to see.

“So now he knows what car I drive and where I live, just not my apartment. So don’t turn your lights on.”

@heyitsmaryalice im so tired of feeling like prey !! my lights are only on in my bathroom now becauase its the only room i have with no windows #creepy #creepystory #womensafety #womensafetytips #storytime #scarystory #stalker #menarescary #apartmentsafety ♬ original sound – mary alice 🤍

Women are taking to the comments to share their own opinions of Alice’s advice – along with their own tips.

One person says: “That’s absolutely terrifying, great advice though. I wouldn’t have thought about that.”

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A second user comments: “Wow never thought about this. Getting blackout curtains for the side of your apartment where it’s visible from the street is also a good idea.”

Another person recommends: “Please make sure for the next week you switch up your schedule and don’t return home at the same time multiple days in a row.”

While someone else argues: “Life hack, don’t turn your lights off at all!

“Never walking into a dark room and seems like you’re home.”

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