Woman Shares Boss’s Savage Response To Her Missing Work As Sister Was Dying

A woman has shared her boss’s savage response to her missing work as her sister was dying. 
Credit: @hillary.zinks/TikTok

A woman has shared her boss’s savage response to her missing work as her sister was dying. 

Hillary Zinks is a makeup and effects artist in the film industry and she also had a side job as a waitress at a local resort. 

She’s going viral on TikTok after sharing the very negative response she received from one of her supervisors when she asked for some time off to visit her dying sister. 

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Zinks tells BuzzFeed that when she was on set last month, she received a devastating phone call in which she was informed her sister was brain-dead. 

The TikToker informed her studio boss about the upsetting news and was treated with empathy.

However, the same couldn’t be said for the local resort where she also worked. 

When Zinks told her supervisor that she wouldn’t be able to come in and complete a shift, she received a text message. 

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It read: “I do understand and I am sorry for what you are experiencing.

“I’m curious why you are letting me know 2 hours prior to your shift.”

Understandably, Zinks was outraged by the latter half of the message and she’s since opened up about it.

“I was angry and upset about it the rest of the drive,” she tells BuzzFeed. 

“The closer I got to the hospital, the more I realised how her behaviour was absolutely unacceptable and I couldn’t work under her any longer.”

When Zinks arrived at the hospital, she decided to quit the job.

Hillary Zinks
The woman has shared her boss’s savage response to her missing work as her sister was dying.  Credit: @hillary.zinks/TikTok

She’s also taken to TikTok and discussed the incident in further detail, saying: “We don’t need to work for people who barely see us as humans with emotions and families.

“I hope that anyone who has that type of experience has the means and courage to quit.

“I hope any managers that would have done something similar would now take a step back and learn from her mistakes.”

@hillary.zinksNO JOB IS WORTH important moments in your life.♬ original sound – Hillary Zinks

Zink’s video on the matter has since received a ton of attention, with many people taking to the comments and reacting. 

“Your career boss is amazing, the other job can indeed SUCK IT!” one person writes. 

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“As a previous manager, I would have understood completely and made sure you were OK.”

Another adds: “Absolutely!! No job is worth dealing with that!”

While a third person says: “I’m proud of you! Never forget that you’re just an employee, trust me, they don’t forget.”

“I am deeply sorry for your loss. I love the way you handled this!” a fourth viewer comments. 

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