Madonna And Sam Smith’s New Song Leaves People Speechless With S**ually Aggressive Lyrics

Madonna and Sam Smith have left listeners speechless with the s**ually aggressive lyrics in their new song 'Vulgar'.
Credit: @madonna/Instagram

Madonna and Sam Smith have left listeners speechless with the s**ually aggressive lyrics in their new song.

Both the ‘Like a Virgin’ singer, 64, and ‘Stay With Me’ artist, 31, are no strangers to controversy.

Smith faced a wave of backlash over their ‘satanic’ performance of their song ‘Unholy’ at the Grammy Awards.

While Madonna’s over 40-year career has been full of negative reactions to her erotic songs and content.

So it is no surprise that when the two finally collaborated, it would be a track that pushes the limits.

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The pair – who have cheekily branded themselves as S&M – have teamed up on a new song called ‘Vulgar’ and as the title suggests, it features some suggestive lyrics.

The ‘Material Girl’ singer says: ‘Boy, get down on your knees because I am Madonna.

“If you f*** with Sam tonight, you’re f***ing with me.

“So watch what you say or I’ll split your banana.”

Another lyric in the song reads: “Vulgar is beautiful, filthy, and gorgeous

“Vulgar will make you dance, don’t need a chorus/ Say we’re ridiculous, we’ll just go harder.

“Mad and meticulous, Sam and Madonna.”

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While the rest of the song sees Madonna and Smith instructing their listeners to ‘say our f***ing names’.

Madonna finishes the track by singing: “Do you know how to spell my name? B**** Go f*** yourself.

“You heard me, b****! Say our f***ing names!”

The ‘Too Good At Goodbye’ singer hyped up the track on Instagram on its release date (June 9).

They wrote: “VULGAR is a song that is very special to me.

“Me, the QUEEN, and a group of some of the most talented people I know, got in the studio the day after the Grammys and we created this piece of music.

“The creativity was pure and the energy was alive. I’m so excited to share this with you sailors!!

Madonna and Sam Smith.
Madonna and Sam Smith have teamed up on a new and controversial song called ‘Vulgar’. Credit: @madonna/Instagram

Listeners have taken to social media to react to the song.

One person comments: “This is SO CRINGE!”

Someone else adds: “Heard it today. Absolutely awful… immediately asked Alexa, never play that again!”

“People shocked at Madonna? I’d be shocked if she said something normal,” jokes another person.

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However, some fans have defended the song.

One listener says: “I absolutely love the song.”

Another writes: “IDGAF what anyone says though, I love em both.”

While a third adds: “It’s a hella good song and I’m loving the grit in it. All these haters are here talking about it and listening to it lol.”

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