Man Instantly Rejected From Job Interview After Failing Trick Test At Reception

A man was instantly rejected from a job interview after failing a trick test at reception. 
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A man was instantly rejected from a job interview after failing a trick test at reception. 

When attending a job interview, it’s important to come across well by dressing appropriately, being polite and having a positive attitude.

And research suggests that candidates only have seven seconds to make a good impression on their interviewer.

One applicant, however, appears to have forgotten the basics.

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In a Reddit post, a company boss recalls the time one applicant’s behaviour at reception cost him the job.

On a forum called Life Pro Tips, the boss explained that the man had failed his interview before he’d been asked any questions.

He says: “A candidate blew his interview in the first five minutes after he entered the building.

“He was dismissive to the receptionist. She greeted him and he barely made eye contact.

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“She tried to engage him in conversation. Again, no eye contact, no interest in speaking with her.”

The boss explains that actually, the ‘receptionist’ was a part of the interview process and he had wanted to see how the candidate treated them.

He continues: “What the candidate did not realise was that the ‘receptionist’ was actually the hiring manager.

“She called him back to the conference room and explained how every single person on our team is valuable and worthy of respect.

“Due to his interaction with the ‘receptionist’, the hiring manager did not feel he was a good fit. Thank you for your time but the interview is over.

“Be nice to everyone in the building.”

Many readers agreed with the company’s approach to hiring employees.

One Reddit user writes: “I got hired once because I held the door for the janitor coming in with his cart.

“The receptionist said, ‘That’s so nice of you’. I said it was just decency, but apparently, she was in the hiring manager’s ear later that day.

“The choice was between me, and someone more knowledgeable, but he was a p****. So they went with me.”

Another adds: “A few jobs ago, I caught the elevator on my way to the interview. The chatty guy in with me… company CEO.

“I got the job, luckily I am all high energy and friendly when nervous, so he liked me even before I saw him a few hours later. Be nice to everyone.”

While a third says: “BINGO! After a candidate leaves one of the first things those involved in the interview will do is speak to the receptionist and ask them how the interviewee treated them.

“The person could be the best person for the position but if they treated the receptionist like c***, THEY ARE DONE!

“If they treated the receptionist like s*** when on their best behaviour imagine how awful they will treat them once they get the job.

“Same goes for any cleaning staff. They are consulted, too.”

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Others questioned whether or not the candidate had autism.

People with autism can have problems when it comes to social communication and interaction.

Replying, the boss says: “He does not have autism. That was absolutely not the situation.

“Later in the day, I got confirmation from another source in the industry that the guy is kind of a jerk, especially to women.

“We have a staff member with autism who does great work.

“Not client-facing, but the work he does is incredibly important to the success of our business.”

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