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McDonald’s Reveals 2024 Easter Menu Including Hot Cross Bun Pie And Creme Egg McFlurry

McDonald's Easter menu for 2024 is made up of classic fan favourites and some exciting new goodies.
Credit: Alamy & McDonald's

McDonald’s has revealed a huge menu shake-up with six items launching just in time for Easter. So let’s take a look at everything we know about the new goodies, from when they’re available to order to what date they arrive…

The fast food chain has made major changes to its UK menu over 2024, including the return of the Breakfast Wrap to the Valentine’s Day pinked-themed desserts.

And now, with a new holiday on the horizon, all eyes are on the restaurant for its new Easter menu.

McDonald’s Easter menu introduces some new goodies, as well as classic fan favourites. Credit: Alamy

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So, here’s everything we know about the menu update, from two McFlurries to its savoury new treats:

McDonald’s Easter menu 2024: Full list of items and prices

A brand new pie is being added to the McDonald’s Easter menu – it’s Hot Cross Bun flavoured, and will cost £1.99.

The treat is made up of a crispy cinnamon pastry, with a spiced fruit mix and butter-flavour cream filling.

The drinks menu is also getting an Easter overhaul, with a Hot Cross Bun Latte making an appearance on the drinks menu, priced at £2.69.

This limited edition treat consists of a smooth latte blended with a sweet and spiced Hot Cross Bun flavour syrup. It’s topped with cinnamon cream and a Hot Cross Bun flavour dusting.

McDonald's Hot Cross Bun pie.
A Hot Cross Bun pie has been added to the McDonald’s menu in time for Easter. Credit: McDonald’s

There are also two new McFluffy flavours for Easter: the Galaxy Truffle Bunny McFlurry and the iconic Creme Egg McFluffy, both costing £2.19 or £1.59 for a mini.

The first McFlurry is comprised of dairy ice cream swirled with pieces of Galaxy Truffle, Galaxy bunny ears and white and dark chocolate drops, garnished with Galaxy Chocolate sauce.

While the Creme Egg McFlurry is made up of dairy ice cream with pieces of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate topped with a Creme Egg sauce.

Alongside these new additions, there are some returns of fan favourites to the savoury menu.

McDonald's McCrispy Deluxe.
The fan favourite McCrispy Deluxe is making its return. Credit: McDonald’s

The McCrispy Deluxe and Halloumi Fries will also be available again!

The burger consists of a 100% chicken breast fillet in a crunchy coating, topped with hot and spicy mayo, caramelised onion compote, lettuce, bacon, red onions and a slice of cheddar cheese in a sourdough-style bun.

It has a price tag of £5.89 on its own, or £7.79 with a medium drink and fries.

Halloumi Fries are making a comeback at £2.79, or you can share a bigger box for £7.39.

The halloumi cheese sticks – which come in a pack of four – are coated in a light batter and served with a rich tomato dip.

When does the McDonald’s Easter menu launch?

The fast food chain has confirmed that the ‘egg-cellent new menu’ will be available to order from Wednesday, March 13.

Where will the McDonald’s Easter menu be available to order?

All the new Easter menu items will be available at all McDonald’s locations around the UK, plus McDelivery services.

It’s not yet known how long the Easter menu will be in place, so if you’re keen to try a new item (or a returning favourite) out, now is the time!

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