McDonald’s Is Flipping Its Iconic M Upside Down To Become WcDonald’s

McDonald's is flipping its logo and becoming WcDonald's for a surprising reason.
Credit: Alamy & McDonald’s

McDonald’s is flipping its logo and becoming WcDonald’s for a surprising reason…

The global fast food chain’s iconic golden arches make it one of the most recognisable brands out there.

The logo was designed in 1962, and although there have been changes, the bright yellow M has remained synonymous with McDonald’s.

Until now, that is…

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The brand is flipping over its arches to become WcDonald’s!

One fan jokes: “So is it pronounced Wackdonalds now?”

Another person remarks: “So… They have time to flip the sign, but they can’t fix the ice cream machine?”

“Will they flip the prices also?” questions a third.

“I thought it was a misprint I got my cup yesterday and the m is upside down. I was like weird,” somebody else pens.

The fast food chain has become WcDonald’s! Credit: McDonald’s

It turns out, there’s a major reason why the iconic logo is being switched… And anime fans have the answers.

The new look is a nod to the fictional WcDonald’s restaurant, which has long appeared in anime films and TV shows.

WcDonald’s made its first manga appearance in the 1980s when it debuted in the franchise Cat’s Eye.

Since then, it’s been spied in Sally the Witch, Cowboy Bebop: The MovieInuYasha, and many, many more.

The WcDonald’s branding is set to last until March 18, if you want to try to get your hands on some packaging or merch.

Participating WcDonald’s restaurants will have anime-inspired packaging which Acky Bright has designed, plus an exclusive Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce.

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McDonald’s USA Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Tariq Hassan, said in a statement: “Anime is a huge part of today’s culture, and we love that our fans have been inviting us into the conversation for years.

“The WcDonald’s universe is a reflection of what fans have created. It honours their vision and celebrates their creativity, while authentically bringing it to life in our restaurants for the first time ever.

“For years, anime fans have been making McDonald’s-inspired WcDonald’s restaurants a part of anime’s most memorable movies and shows. Now, in collaboration with some of the biggest names in anime, WcDonald’s will make the move from fiction to real life.”

The fast food chain has also teamed up with animation house Studio Pierrot to produce four original anime shorts, released every Monday in March.

There will be a WcDonald’s Immersive Dining Experience available in Los Angeles between March 9 and 10.

The press release explains: “Guests will be transported into the WcDonald’s universe through 360 projection mapping and immersive tabletop projections inspired by the four WcDonald’s anime episodic shorts – all while enjoying a set menu of WcDonald’s items.

“Fans can reserve their spot exclusively on OpenTable starting Feb 28 by searching ‘WcDonald’s Immersive Dining Experience’ on the OpenTable app or website.”

McDonald’s has flipped its arches for a limited time only. Credit: McDonald’s

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