McDonald’s Logo Could Have Rude Hidden Meaning

The McDonald's logo has a potentially rude meaning and it's left some diners shocked.
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The McDonald’s logo has a potentially rude meaning and it’s left some diners shocked.

The fast-food chain is one of the biggest companies in the world and is worth an estimated $211.63 billion.

It’s instantly recognisable thanks to its golden arches – but you may see them in a whole different light after finding out their possible meaning.

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Everyone assumes that the ‘M’ simply just stands for McDonald’s – which makes sense.

But an X-rated theory suggests that the fast-food chain’s logo resembles a pair of breasts when they’re flipped upside down.

Eric Schlosser came up with the idea in his book ‘Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal’.

He alleges that McDonald’s bosses wanted to change the logo but head designer Louis Cheskin protested and revealed its secret meaning.

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Cheskin was brought in to redo the company’s business model in the 1960s – choosing to focus on simplicity, uniformity and the wanting to replicate the same environment in every location.

In the new restaurants, there were brick walls and mansard roofs, different from the slanted roofs customers were used to at the time.

Schlosser claims that Cheskin said the logo symbolised ‘mother McDonald breasts’ to subconsciously make customers feel comforted and he allegedly wanted to keep it as he argued that ‘s** sells’, reports MailOnline.

McDonald's logo
The McDonald’s logo apparently resembles a pair of upside breasts, according to an X-rated theory. Credit: Alamy

The theory has gone viral on the internet and has left people divided.

Some are saying that now they’ve heard the theory, they can’t ‘unsee’ it.

One person questions: “Wait, the Mcdonald’s logo was made from the idea of…b***s?”

“How do I unsee this?” asks someone else.

Somebody else writes: “I’ll never look at McDonald’s golden arches the same way.”

“Friendly reminder that the McDonald’s logo is just b***s,” tweets another.

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However, others are dismissing the claim and insisting that people are reaching with the idea.

“You’d need a vivid imagination,” writes someone.

“In what universe does that logo upside down even begin to resemble a pair of breasts?” asks a person.

While a third remarks: “Honestly, someone got a dirty mind.”

Somebody else jokingly comments: “Mcdonald’s logo was intentionally made to look like b***s to give the impression of nourishing breasts in order to remind people of hunger.”

While there is no concrete proof to show that McDonald’s logo was redesigned to look like breasts, its simple logo has gone on to become one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

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