McDonald’s Axes Steakhouse Stack As Part Of Major Menu Shake-Up

McDonald's fans have been left shocked after finding out the Steakhouse Stack burger has been axed from the menu in a major shake-up. 
Credit: Alamy & McDonald's

McDonald’s fans have been left shocked after finding out the Steakhouse Stack burger has been axed from the menu in a major shake-up. 

The fast food chain has delighted fans in recent weeks by announcing the return of the Breakfast Wrap, as well as some brand new pink-themed additions we’ve never seen on the menu before.

But there has been some sad news along the way.

The beloved Steakhouse Stackhouse is been removed from McDonald’s menu, alongside other items, and people are pretty upset about it.

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McDonald's Steakhouse Stack.
The beloved menu item has been pulled as a part of a major shake-up. Credit: McDonald’s

So let’s take at what’s been axed from the chain’s menu and what new items we have to look forward to:

What items are being removed from the McDonald’s menu?

Alongside the Steakhouse Stack, the Fajita Chicken Wrap, Cheesy Garlic Bites, Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry and Cadbury Caramel McFlurry are all set to be removed from the McDonald’s menu.

What new items will be added to the McDonald’s menu?

The Breakfast Wrap is making a triumphant comeback.

On top of this, the restaurant will debut its new McSpicy® x Frank’s RedHot, which marks the chain’s first collaboration with another food brand.

It features a 100 per cent chicken breast fillet in a crispy coating, served with lettuce, Emmental cheese, jalapeños, onions, and Frank’s RedHot Mayo on a sesame bun.

Thomas O’Neil, of McDonald’s UK and Ireland, says: “This collaboration with Frank’s RedHot gave us such an exciting opportunity to build on an already iconic product and create something genuinely spicy but also delicious that we know both McDonald’s and Frank’s RedHot customers will love.”

What day will the McDonald’s menu changes take place?

The Steakhouse Stack will leave McDonald’s menus forever on February 6, 2024.

These changes will occur at all UK and Irish restaurants, at the drive-through, via the My McDonald’s App, and also via McDelivery.

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