Megan Fox Hits Back At Trolls Who Called Out Her Different Appearance In Super Bowl Party Photo

Megan Fox has responded to the trolls who are saying she looks unrecognisable in a Super Bowl party photo.
Credit: @joeoravec3/@meganfox/Instagram

Megan Fox has responded to the trolls who are saying she looks unrecognisable in a Super Bowl party photo.

The Jennifer’s Body actress, 37, celebrated Super Bowl Sunday alongside her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly, plus Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

And there was one Instagram photo that attracted a lot of attention – but for all the wrong reasons.

People took to the comments and insisted that Fox looked a little different.

But now, the Transformer star has hit back at the haters and offered an explanation.

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The picture in question showed Fox sporting a more alternative style, including a spiked collar necklace and blonde hair.

She was also pouting and wearing bright pink lipstick, which accentuated the look of her pout.

One person questions: “Where is Megan though? Lol.”

Another adds: “Megan Fox’s face… what’s happening?”

“Hang on… that’s Megan Fox? THE Megan Fox? Goodness… what happened?” somebody else asks.

In agreement, another troll writes: “This may be the first time I’ve seen Megan look a mess. What is going on?”

But in response to the trolling, Fox has hit back.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox was trolled over this Super Bowl party photo. Credit: @joeoravec3/Instagram

The Till Death actress shared some more images from the same night where she looks much more like herself, writing the caption: “Oh my god guys look how different I… don’t look at all.”

She then jokes: “Turns out it was just a shadowy cell phone pic of me looking like a Ukrainian b***up doll. When in REALITY I look like one of those super expensive silicone real s** dolls you can only get in Japan.”

However, people aren’t too happy about her response either…

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One writes: “Not here for taking the p*** out of Ukrainian women.”

A second replies: “I guess xenophobia towards Eastern European[s] is still a thing in Hollywood.”

“It’s very rude of you to speak like that about Ukrainian women, that’s how you showed yourself,” a third person pens.

Amid this further backlash, Fox has issued a further response to all of the controversy…


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She writes: “Dear god. That is NOT what I meant. Ukrainian women are hot as f*** and so in my imagination, the b***up dolls would also be hot. Let a girl make a joke for f***s sake.”

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