People Are Only Just Finding Out What The Metal Studs On Jeans Are For

People are only just finding out what the metal studs on jeans are for.
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People are only just finding out what the metal studs on jeans are for.

Jeans have been a fundamental part of fashion for many years.

They are an item that almost everyone in the world owns and they go with pretty much any outfit.

Despite it being universally recognisable, there are parts of the jean that people still don’t know the purpose of and this includes the metal studs on them.

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You are most likely to find the small metal studs at the front of your jeans, usually near the pockets.

While they are noticeable, nobody knows what the actual point of them is.

Are they simply just a design feature or is there a purpose to them?

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One person on Reddit asked: “[serious question] These are on all jeans. Do they serve a purpose, practical or otherwise? If not… Why are they there?”

Some threw out not-so-serious suggestions such as: “Scratch the hell out of cellphone screens when putting them back in your pocket without looking.”

Someone else jokes: “They are there to burn the s*** out of me when I pull my jeans out of the dryer.”

However, most people have suggested that it is a design feature from the 1870s.

One user explains: “Rivets were used to strengthen denim pants when they were used primarily for work. 

“Over the years, the need for them diminished, but the appeal did not.”

Another person adds: “They’re rivets. Levi’s made them popular. The rivets were implemented to make jeans more durable at the seems versus traditional sewing techniques.”

Man unzipping jeans
People are only just finding out what the metal studs on jeans are for. Credit: Alamy

The man credited with being the creator of jeans is designer Jacob Davis and he was the one who added the metal studs to jeans.

He was buying fabric from Levi Strauss – the founder behind the Levi’s brand – when he noticed that added copper rivets helped strengthen the pockets.

He then started adding them to jeans for miners who would be filling their pockets with tools and other heavy objects.

After realising how useful this was, Davis wrote a letter to Strauss to share his discovery and the pair soon formed a partnership.

Despite it no longer having the same function, the metal studs are still a vital part of the design of the jean.

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This isn’t the only influence Strauss has had on the jeans that we all wear today.

He is the designer behind the small pockets that we have all tried to put something in.

The official name for it is the ‘watch pocket’ which is where people were expected to keep their pocket watches safe.

Obviously nowadays pocket watches aren’t a necessity – since everyone is either wearing watches or has the time on their phone – but the small pockets are also an essential part of the design of the jeans.

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