The Curved Bit Of A Hammer’s Real Purpose Is Blowing People’s Minds

People have been left mind blown after finding out the real purpose of the curved bit on a hammer. 
Credit: @sidneyraz/TikTok

People have been left mind blown after finding out the real purpose of the curved bit on a hammer. 

Everyone is familiar with the shape of a hammer, and that the flat bit is primarily used for knocking nails into something.

However, not everyone knows the point of the curvy bit on the hammer.

Is it just a design flaw or a secret hook?

Well, one person has shared what it’s really for and it’s left people gobsmacked.

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A TikToker called @sidneyraz is going viral after sharing a hack that will make your life so much easier when using a hammer.

He is known for sharing tips that are extremely helpful in day-to-day life.

His post is captioned: “A lifetime of pain in my thumbs realised.”

Everyone has at one point in their life had the pain of accidentally hitting their fingers with a hammer when nailing something to a wall.

This TikToker’s advice, however, will ensure you don’t feel that pain again.

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It seems that people in the comments section did not know this either.

One person says: “So you mean I’ve smashed my fingers for no reason?!”

Another viewer adds: “Im 40 [and I] didn’t know that. My poor thumb. Please forgive me.”

“I learn more on TikTok than in school,” confesses another.

A fourth stresses: “All those times I missed the nail and got my finger!!!”

Someone else comments: “So you mean all those times I’ve hurt fingers was for nothing.”

“That’s possibly the most useful thing I’ve ever learnt,” insists a sixth, while another user adds: “I had no idea! I love learning something new and this seems like useful info so thank you!!”

Man sharing hammer and nail hacks.
People have been left mind blown after finding out the real purpose of the curved bit on a hammer.  Credit: @sidneyraz/TikTok

In his post, he explains: “Here’s something I didn’t know until I was in my 30s. The back of the hammer can hold the nail of the first swing.”

He tells the viewer that the curvy bit on the hammer is actually used to place and hold nails as you hammer them into the wall.

He then demonstrates this in action as he perfectly hammers a nail into the wall without any threat of a broken finger.


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Commenters pointed out they always thought the curved bit of the hammer was to remove nails from walls, so they were delighted to find an extra use for it.

So now you have this piece of information, you no longer have to worry about injuring your fingers when hammering a nail into the wall.

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