Mia Khalifa Claims She Quit Adult Film Career Due To ISIS ‘Death Threats’

TikTok and Instagram star Mia Khalifa claims that she quit her adult film career due to ISIS ‘death threats’. 
Credit: BBC & @miakhalifa/Instagram

TikTok and Instagram star Mia Khalifa claims that she quit her adult film career – which allegedly only made her $12,000 – due to ISIS ‘death threats’. 

Khalifa, who now has a staggering net worth, has revealed that she received shocking threats after filming a scene in which she wore a hijab. 

A hijab is a head covering which is conventionally worn by Muslim women. It can come in many forms. 

When Khalifa was told by a director that she would be required to wear a traditional headpiece in a scene, she knew it would be controversial with the public. 

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In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, the Lebanese-American star said: “I said to him, ‘You’re going to get me f***ing killed’.”

So when Khalifa was asked why she didn’t refuse, she responded: “Being 21, I didn’t know that I couldn’t speak up.”

While the controversial scene made the ex-adult star the No. 1 ranked star on P***hub, it also drew attention from ISIS. 

Disturbingly, her face was Photoshopped onto another person’s body in a video that showed a mocked-up version of Khalifa being be***ded. 

This confirmed the fear that Khalifa had shared with the director and it left her terrified. 

Mia Khalifa on BBC HARDTalk.
Mia Khalifa says she quit her adult film career as she received a shocking amount of death threats – even from ISIS. Credit: BBC

“There was also a Google image screenshot of my apartment tweeted at me, that had a death threat go along with,” the star, whose real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun, claims. 

“It was a threat I took very seriously.”

Khalifa faced a huge amount of backlash from the Muslim and Lebanese community after her video was uploaded to P***hub. 

She was also targeted by ISIS on Instagram. 

“My Instagram account got hacked by ISIS. They started pushing propaganda,” Khalifa claims. 

On reflection of the traumatic time, Khalifa says the incident with ISIS has made her a stronger person. 

“No one harassing me on the internet is going to get to me after all that,” she comments. 

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While in an interview with Alexandra Cooper for the Call Me Daddy podcast, Khalifa said that the hijab scene happened around a time she was ‘disassociating’ and ‘compartmentalising’ from herself. 

“I just went quiet and never spoke about it,” the ex-p*** star recalled. 

Cooper then asked Khalifa what it was like to be a young woman who had received death threats, and was alone and not supported by her parents

Khalifa said that while the world thought she was fine, she was actually living in a ‘cockroach-infested’ apartment and that it was the ‘worst time’ of her entire life. 

“It was disgusting, it was so bad, it was cockroach-infested, it was the worst time in my entire life,” she said. 

“I have two million followers on Instagram, everyone thought I was living it up – that was not the case.”

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